Monthly Archives: June 2014

U.K. uncovers “culture of fear and intimidation” in schools

“The review found that one of the schools had been funding a Madrassa from its own budget; at another school only Muslim children had been taken on trips to Saudi Arabia; a third school regularly broadcast a call to Muslim prayer over the school’s loudspeaker in the playground… (Cont.)

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Military History – June 7th, 2014

WWII Typhoon fighter-bomber now visiting the Ottawa aviation museum

The Ontario Regiment’s R.S. McLaughlin Armoury: 100 years of history in Oshawa

Idaho National Laboratory re-discovers B-24J Liberator bomber that crashed in 1944

Veteran lists biographical information of every U.S. submariner lost in WWII

“Top Gun” fighter academy set up with major assistance from RAF pilots trained by the Air Warfare Instructors school in Lossiemouth, Scotland (March 2009 item)

Using welfare and public sector jobs to buy elections

“…increasing taxes and spending the proceeds to buy votes, creates a ‘client dependency’ whereby the recipients of this largesse will consistently vote in such a manner as to continue receiving it… Perhaps most damaging of all, society ends up with substantial numbers of ‘dependents’ who are unable to fend for themselves, who resist having to work for a living, and who have developed an unnatural and thoroughly unrealistic sense of entitlement.”

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