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Ferguson: Race, reason, and futility

“…many Blacks don’t perceive justice the way we do. The lower average intelligence of Black people means that many of them have difficulty comprehending abstract concepts such as justice, law and order, and due process. They live largely in the present, and can respond violently to any perceived affront, rather than exercising their legal rights or opting to await their day in court.”

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Deconstruction of Western Civilization – Nov. 22nd, 2014

“EU28” member states granted citizenship to almost 820,000 persons in 2012

Canada: Teachers Federation offers workshops on “White Privilege”

Switzerland: One third of babies born to “foreign” mothers – average age for first child now 30.8 years

U.S: Feminist video turns to child abuse to send distorted message – foul and obscene language alert…

U.K: Anyone who criticizes Sharia law or gay marriage could be branded an extremist – “those who spread hate but do not break laws” targeted

Christianity: Attacks & Persecution – Nov. 20th, 2014

Does “religious neutering” accommodate diversity or endorse secular progressivism and political correctness?

Jewish “atheist activist” attacks ROTC programs at Christian schools

Vatican caving in to abortion and “gay” marriage?

Church of England invites Muslim extremist to address General Synod

Obama: “No U.S. serviceman can speak at any faith-based public events anymore” (2012)

Britain – November 17th, 2014

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is now capturing major support from both Labour and Conservative voters

Plans for a “state guardian” for every child in Scotland stirring up opposition

London needs “at least 42,000 houses a year” to keep up with immigration

“Flashman” and the rise of “political correctness”

Why one person left England’s “mean and unpleasant land” – excellent read