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Caucasian persuasion…

Re “City staff ‘insulted’ by survey” (Joe Warmington, Jan 22): I spent 25 years with Metro Toronto and the City of Toronto, including six years as a steward and 14 years on the Local 79 executive board. There is absolutely nothing new about the city’s “human rights” practitioners using the employees as guinea pigs on which to practice social engineering concepts, and over the years, the number of “minority” groupings has greatly expanded to meet the need…

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Perils of Diversity – January 24th, 2015

Durham Region – Six items in total…

Ajax: Spa owner found guilty on fraud-related charges – “If there is any truth in her testimony… I am unable to recognize it”

Oshawa: “Arrogant” Justice of the Peace guilty of “inappropriate conduct toward women in the justice system” for the second time in three years

Pickering: Multiple counterfeit money and fraudulent credit card use charges

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Muslims and the West – January 23rd, 2015

United States:

Seven items in total…

Alabama: Amends constitution to prevent lawyers from making arguments based on Shariah law

North Carolina: Strong backlash to attempt to have Muslim call-to-prayer broadcast from Duke University Chapel bell tower… (some interesting comments)

Sleeper cells: The “immigration component” of the terrorist threat

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“Nature / Environment / Critters” Jan. 22nd, 2015

Seven items in total…

General: Humanity has exceeded 4 of 9 ‘planetary boundaries’ – “we’re running up to and beyond the biophysical boundaries that enable human civilization as we know it to exist…”

New Zealand: Interpol assistance requested in efforts to stop illegal fishing

China: Environmental laws to be beefed up, but what about enforcement?

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Bill C-518 – Third reading takes place January 26th

Here is the partial text of an email I just received from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation:

“Bill C-518 is coming back to Parliament for third reading this upcoming Monday, January 26th at 11am… As you’ll recall, this is a private members bill that would revoke the taxpayer-funded pension from MPs and Senators convicted of serious crimes against taxpayers – crimes like theft, breach of trust and bribery… We need to ensure MPs who are on the fence are pushed to support this bill. Can you contact your MP and ask them whether they will vote yea or nay on C-518 on Monday at 11am?”

You can find your MP by entering your postal code here.

You can sign the CTF’s petition on this issue here.

If you get a response, you can notify the CTF of your MP’s position on this Bill at

Jeff Goodall.


Occupied Territories – January 22nd, 2015

The “economics” at the heart of Israeli settlements

Palestinian Bedouins with Israeli citizenship see their village demolished for the 80th time

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem causes anger over church land sales to Israel

Israeli soldiers assault 3 men working at bakery in Nablus

Is “Israel’s increasing hunger for land and resources, and the haughtiness that stems from unconditional US support” behind Israel’s exploration for oil on the Golan Heights?