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A new and dangerous threat to free speech in Ontario

On Jan. 12th, it was announced that the Ontario government is looking for a new “human rights” watchdog effective February 27th. Incumbent commissioner Barbara Hall plans to retire, having first been appointed in 2005. As her term of office has been extended four times, she may well mean it this time, so we must pay attention to who her successor might be.

As the Toronto Star (1) tells us, “One person being touted is Bernie Farber, former chief executive of the Canadian Jewish Congress and a long-time anti-racism activist.”

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Muslims and the West – January 19th, 2015

“No-go” zones in France:

Failure to control its territory is one of the hallmarks of a failed state…

There are now over 750 “sensitive urban zones” throughout the country, suggesting that France no longer has full control over its territory

Paris officials have increasingly ceded control of heavily Muslim neighborhoods to Islamists

“No-go zones” are basically autonomous enclaves which allow Islamists to conquer territory without firing a shot

Obama & America’s Decline – Jan. 18th, 2015

Federal attorney and FBI warn that negative comments towards Islam may result in imprisonment

A record 92,898,000 Americans 16 years and older “not in the labor force” last month

Newspaper under fire for using term “illegals” in story about them being able to obtain driver’s licenses

Billionaire George Soros spent $33 million bankrolling Ferguson demonstrators

California gives illegal immigrants subsidized low-cost auto insurance

“Nature / Environment / Critters” Jan. 16th, 2015

Scotland: Judicial review sought against consent granted to four major offshore wind farm projects

China: “Major challenges” expected in meeting commitment to cap greenhouse gas emissions

U.S: Petco finally pulls Chinese killer-treats from stores

Brazil: “Water is going to become a luxury item, a status symbol to be flaunted

North America: Mass die-offs of Cassin’s Auklets reported from British Columbia to San Luis Obispo

Muslims and the West – January 14th, 2015

United States:

22 Islamic “terrorist training camps” revealed inside the U.S.

“No-Go” areas in the U.S., and how they are created

Mosques proliferating in the U.S. are symbols of “Islamic supremacism”

The “expanding incursion” of Islamic law in the U.S. legal system

Boston public school forcing students to learn Muslim prayers including the Shahada “conversion prayer”

Occupied Territories – January 12th, 2015

Israeli “settlers” uproot 5,000 olive tree saplings near Turmusayya

BBC becomes “a mouthpiece for a tyrannical regime”?

In terms of losses in human lives, 2014 has been a horrific year for Palestinians…

Gaza Strip used by the Israeli regime as a testing ground for new weapons?

Israel freezes transfer of taxes collected for the Palestinian Authority “as a penalty for joining the International Criminal Court”

China – January 11th, 2015

The renminbi continues to rise in importance as an “international currency”

China’s military provocations in the South China Sea continued “relentlessly” in 2014

Turkey: Chinese and Turkish experts discuss “Contemporary Silk Road” project

China is waking from its long slumber and emerging as an economic powerhouse – Pakistani analysis

Kenya: Chinese nationals arrested for suspected hacking activities and running a cyber crime network and mysterious “command centre” in Nairobi – see here and here