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Obama & America’s Decline – Feb. 27th, 2015

Nine items in total…

Black police chief orders stand-down as memorial to fallen officers vandalized

Egyptian President shames Obama by launching airstrikes against ISIS-affiliated militants after slaughter of Coptic Christians

Florida city spies on churches, demands licenses – “A duck is a duck” City Manager Michael Bornstein told the Tribune…

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“Nature / Environment / Critters” Feb. 23rd, 2015

Most-wanted “wildlife criminal” arrested following issuance of Interpol Red Notice

U.N. treaty to protect the ozone layer doesn’t cover dangerous “very short-lived substances

Japan: Another Fukushima leak – “ levels of contamination were between 50 and 70 times higher than (the) already elevated radioactive status”

U.S: Toxic algae contamination of Ohio drinking water blamed on Ontario

Canada: Coyotes, winter, and pet attacks – “they’ve become a little bit more accustomed to people, less afraid of us…”

A “conscience clause” for Ulster’s equality legislation?

“While he would argue that it is about protecting the rights of those with particular beliefs based on their Christianity (beliefs shared by him and many of his DUP colleagues), his opponents contend that it is about giving those people the right to opt out of equality legislation and discriminate against homosexuals.” – Belfast Telegraph story.

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Police Abuses – February 21st, 2015

Toronto: Three officers charged in “gang sex assault

Oshawa: Pacemaker proves accused killer’s innocence – investigative “tunnel vision” and negligence cited

RCMP: Officer found guilty of lying under oath at public inquiry into Vancouver airport Tazer death

Sudbury: City cop charged with assault over video of man’s head being smashed against window

RCMP: Class-action lawsuit launched over Alberta “High River” gun seizures – see here and here

Deconstruction of Western Civilization – Feb. 18th, 2015

Scotland: Labour Party plans laws to guarantee “gender equality in the boardroom”

Canada: Truth and Reconciliation Commission may ask Vatican to repeal 1455 and 1493 edicts regarding aboriginals

Scotland: Votes for 16- year-olds on the way

U.S: Judge rules that taking photos up girl’s skirt “not illegal

Scotland: “Named person” proposals will assign social workers or teachers to all children – even the unborn. See here and here.

Occupied Territories – February 18th, 2015

Palestinian move to join International Criminal Court a “dangerous development”?

Gaza Strip casualties exacerbated by “failing to differentiate between military targets and civilian populations”

Israeli Supreme Court rejects Rachel Corrie wrongful death case

Anti-Israelism” versus “anti-Semitism” – an analysis

UNRWA forced to suspend assistance program for repairs to damaged Gaza homes and infrastructure

Desert area east of Jerusalem declared a closed military zone as part of “Judaization” of the West Bank?

“Nature / Environment / Critters” Feb. 17th, 2015

U.S: Too cold to protest “global warming” at Yale – Bwaaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

Around eight million metric tons of plastic material is dumped in the world’s oceans every year

Mexico: Monarch butterfly numbers up slightly…

Scotland: Moratorium on fracking pending assessment of effects

U.K: Fracking legislation delayed; will be banned “in areas of natural beauty and National Parks”