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Obama & America’s Decline – March 31st, 2015

U.S. allies’ rush to join China’s new development bank viewed as a “clear diplomatic defeat” for Obama

George Zimmerman accuses Obama of stoking racial tensions in the “Saint Trayvon” shooting

Military wants over $3 billion for new Air Force One planes

A disturbing analysis of the possible break-up of the United States

DOJ hires Pennsylvanian imam who issued death threats against a women’s rights advocate to teach classes in “leadership and guidance” to federal prisoners

Military & Intelligence News – March 31st, 2015

Latvia: Baltic States fear Russian minorities an excuse to seize territory as in Crimean land-grab

Denmark: Warned by Russia that if it joins Nato’s missile defence shield it will become subject to “nuclear attack”

U.K: MI6 head warns that Britain is in a dangerous “post-Snowden” technological battle with terrorists

Romania: Tells Russia plans for NATO anti-missile system “only for self-defence”

Iran: Military observation aircraft flew within 50 yards of an armed U.S. Navy helicopter

“Nature / Environment / Critters” March 31st, 2015

U.K: Flushable “wet bathroom wipes” clog London sewer system with “16-ton monolith” the size of a double-decker bus

Africa: The world is losing the “wildlife war” against trade in ivory

Canada: Falconry business has eagles and hawks soaring in Bowmanville’s skies

U.S: Elephants rescue 18-wheeler stranded on Louisiana road

China: Conservation target “sharply lowered” for 2015 indicating greater concern about economic growth

Perils of Diversity – March 31st, 2015

Eight items in total…

Toronto: Racialized Students’ Collective says “ethnic minorities deserve safe spaces without white people”

Massively disproportionate numbers of black children in foster and group home care mean “the African Canadian community needs its own children’s aid society”

Oshawa: Ontario Justice of the Peace Review Council told Black JP’s testimony “replete with inconsistency, an air of insincerity and efforts to adjust his testimony to minimize the inappropriateness of his conduct”

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Muslims and the West – March 30th, 2015

U.K: Britain “surrenders” to Muslim rape gangs in “a cultural and societal collapse unprecedented in human history”

U.S: The expanding incursion of Islamic Law in the U.S. legal system

Sweden: Record immigration makes it vulnerable to infiltrators from militant groups

U.K: Prime Minister David Cameron “pulls” report on Muslim Brotherhood activities; tie-ins to relations with Egypt, Qatar

U.S: Texas city passes ordinance to make sure foreign laws never replace American or Texas laws – “Muslim activists” upset

Occupied Territories – March 29th, 2015

Deliberate use of phosphorus shells in Gaza – graphic warning

Students forced to use sewage channels to reach school after a “settlement road” cuts off normal access

IDF veterans: “Breaking the Silence” and Hebron

Firing zone used to expand settlements, demolish Palestinian homes

Election results: “Pandering and fear mongering together with hatred for Arabs and the left are the ingredients of Netanyahu’s secret potion…”