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Muslims and the West – April 30th, 2015

Dhimmitude: What it means, and the inevitable consequences of bowing to Sharia law

What Congressman Keith Ellison was really using for his swearing-in

Arkansas gun range to be “monitored” for declaring itself a “Muslim-free zone”

Somali refugee in Minneapolis tweets death threat against US Attorney General

To see the future of Christianity in the West, look at the Middle East now

Military & Intelligence News – April 29th, 2015

Russian provocations, and reactions…

Estonia: Russian military planes continually violate airspace

Nordic” joint rapid-reaction military force battlegroup “ready and willing”

Poland to buy US Patriot missiles amid Russia tensions

Latvia asserts that if Russia attacks the NATO treaty will be enforced

Eastern European countries bolster cooperative military training

Occupied Territories – April 26th, 2015

Just as a reminder, I always include “Occupied Territories” posts in the “Israel Lobby” category also, because I don’t believe that these disgraceful violations of human rights would be tolerated by the rest of the world were it not for Lobby propaganda, threats and smears. -JG.

International Criminal Court urged to speed-up probe into Israeli war crimes

Land Day – a historical background

Gaza farms aerially sprayed with poisonous gases, crops damaged

Israeli bulldozers demolish Bedouin homes for the 83rd time… They smile to us after they demolish our homes and ask mockingly “How are you?”

Israel “releases” tax funds it collects for PA and withheld as punishment for its move to join the International Criminal Court – the decision to release the funds was based on “humanitarian concerns and in overall consideration of Israel’s interests at this time”…

Policing & Justice-Related Issues – April 22nd, 2015

Toronto: Sentences “extended” on corruption, extortion and assault convictions of drug squad officers

Ontario: Police watchdog will reopen investigation of an OPP officer who caused “catastrophic injuries” to Orillia woman – she later sues for damages in response to delays – see here and here

Ontario: Ontario Provincial Police Association brass charged under by-laws regarding “a sophisticated financial scheme… to deceive and profit from members” following RCMP raid

Canada: Huffington Post review of police brutality (Sept. 2013)

Canada: RCMP officer convicted of perjury in Vancouver Airport Taser death

“Nature / Environment / Critters” April 22nd, 2015

Twelve items in total…

U.S: Oregon issues “best management practices” guide to help with conservation efforts

Electronic waste: 41.8 million tonnes of “e-waste” dumped around the globe in 2014 – China and U.S. worst offenders

Borrowing from the animal world: “Human hibernation” could help in space flight and medical treatments

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Muslims and the West – April 20th, 2015

U.K: Report calls for judicial inquiry to “determine the extent to which discriminatory Sharia law principles are being applied within the UK”

Sweden: Minister for Culture and Democracy promises to initiate a “national strategy against Islamophobia” in exchange for normalized relations with Saudi Arabia

France: The West and the Islamist challenge

U.S: Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad signs proclamation designating April 8, 2015, as Muslim Recognition Day

Germany: Government blames Pegida for “rise in crimes against refugees”

Christianity: Attacks & Persecution – April 20th, 2015

U.S: “Gay” double standards – bakery refuses cake for pastor and then calls the police!

Canada: Supreme Court rules that opening Council meetings with a prayer “infringes on freedom of conscience and religion” – see here and here

Some missionary churches re-wording of the Holy scriptures to avoid “offending” Muslims in Arabic and Turkish translations results in strong opposition

U.S: Catholic school rejects government funding in effort to protect religious freedom

Canada: Alberta “Wildrose” candidate booted for anti-“gay” stand in 2007 blog post

Welcome, Digger!

I am writing this for cat lovers, and also for myself, as I need to work something out of my system. I haven’t written anything recently about my cat Deva, or her replacement Digger, as I have just simply found it too hard; Deva was put to sleep on February 2nd, and I brought Digger home on March 7th. Thinking about Deva is very upsetting to me, and although I am very happy with Digger, I’m still nowhere near getting over Deva’s illness and death.

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