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Muslims and the West – March 15th, 2016

Six items in total…

Germany: Public spaces becoming perilous for women and children as “migrant rape crisis” worsens – “Police are warning about a potential breakdown of public order this summer, when women who are lightly dressed are confronted by young male migrants”

Canada: Muslim faces nine charges after attack on Army recruiting office – “Allah told me to do this

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Military & Intelligence History – March 14th, 2015

U.S.A: Blacks and the Confederacy – lying about the War of Northern Aggression

Canada: Remembering Scarborough’s top secret “bomb girls” – their stories are being lost as they grow older and die…

U.K: WWII’s Hanslope Park code-breakers finally receive honours

U.S.A: An F-15E shot down an Iraqi Mi-24 gunship with a GBU-10 bomb 25 years ago

U.K: The Falkland Islands War – the only conflict in which a combatant has used a nuclear submarine in anger

Muslims and the West – March 13th, 2016

Fight-back of sorts – note the two “Alternative for Germany” party entries…

Germany: Frauke Petry’s anti-Merkel “Alternative for Germany” party now has 20% of votes in the East, 10% in the West

France: Free-loaders forced out as police enforce court order closing the “Muslim Jungle”

Sweden: Media cover-up of sexual assaults harder to maintain as public anger escalates – rapes, swimming pool attacks becoming intolerable

Germany: “Alternative for Germany” makes huge voter gains as leader advocates shooting illegal asylum seekers at the border…

Italy: City of Verona to limit “ethnic” eateries in city center – “there will be no more openings of establishments that sell food prepared in a way that could impact the decorum of our city”

Military & Intelligence News – March 12th, 2016

U.S.A: Office of Personnel Management data breach has “worsened the data security of affected individuals” and involves the greatest theft of sensitive personnel data in history – “the millions affected by the breach have good reason to fear

Russia: Naval expansion includes re-deploying and refitting battle-cruiser fleet with greatly improved “cutting-edge missiles”

U.S.A: Vietnam-era OV-10 Bronco turbo-propeller planes being tried out to see if such planes will be effective againsty ISIS – much less expensive to operate than modern jets…

Canada: Policy debate coming over drones acquisition – National Defence expecting “public concern”

U.S.A: The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor receives AIM-9X Sidewinder high off-boresight (HOBS) missile after severe structural upgrade difficulties

Random Quotations – March 12th, 2016

Islamic issues – five items in total…

“What the Afghans are doing is not wrong in Afghanistan, so your rules are completely alien to them. Women stay at home in Afghanistan, and if they need to go out they are always accompanied by a man. If you want to stop Afghans from molesting Swedish girls, you need to be tough on them. Making them take classes on equality and how to treat women is pointless. The first time they behave badly, they should be given a warning, and the second time you should deport them from Sweden.” – Mr. Azizi, Kabul hotel manager, quoted by the Gatestone Institute in “Sweden: Sexual assaults at swimming pools” March 7th, 2016.

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American Interest – March 11th, 2016

Mostly Trump – five items in total…

Virginia state bill would create a “secret police” force allowing officers to be “effectively immunized from wrongdoing and able to act with impunity”

Hillary is the “lesser evil”? More speculation Trump may be assassinated…

Neocon warhawks panicking over Trump’s foreign policy stands

Trump’s massive successes a matter of racial politics?

Trump refuses to condemn “supremacist” supporters

Deconstruction of Western Civilization – March 9th, 2016

Six items in total…

U.S.A: University education being trampled underfoot by “…campus microaggressions, safe spaces, trigger warnings, speech codes and censorship…”

Scotland: Plan to have a state-appointed guardian for every child in Scotland under attack – “Opponents of the scheme have said that the policy undermines the role of parents and families and is intrusive because it gives monitoring power to the state”

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“Free speech issues” – March 9th, 2016

Five Muslim-related items…

U.S.A: Democrats try to equate “edging toward violence” with “incitement to violence” in an effort to thwart the 1st Amendment in proposed legislation that would “prohibit all discussion of Islamic terrorism”

Scotland: Man arrested under the Communications Act for comments regarding Syrian “refugees” settling on the Isle of Bute – this article carries no examples whatsoever of the alleged “ignorant bile and thinly veiled racism

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Random Quotations – March 7th, 2016

Anti-White racism – four items in total…

“What this organization (Ontario Anti-Racism Directorate) will do in practice is funnel taxpayer money to anti-white organizations, increase efforts at ideological indoctrination in education and in government offices, and continually redefine racism so that every white person is considered racist… it’s a symbol that Canada too is groaning under occupation” – V-DARE “Orwellian ‘anti-Racism Directorate’ established in Ontario, Canada” Feb. 16th, 2016.

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Jewish Supremacism – March 6th, 2016

Four items in total…

Israel: Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan says “Palestinians have to understand they won’t have a state & Israel will rule over them” – has in the past said “To me, they are like animals, they aren’t human” and “A Jew always has a much higher soul than a gentile, even if he is a homosexual”

U.K: Jewish organizations demand B.B.C. caller “exposing Jewish supremacy” be identified and arrested – “We expect the BBC to now hand the caller’s telephone number to the police” (Jonathan Sacerdoti, director of communications for the Campaign Against Antisemitism)

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