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Obama & America’s Decline – May 3rd, 2016

Five items in total…

Obama gets it “arrogantly” wrong on Britain and the European Union

Government lawlessness reaches new heights as Internal Revenue Service OK’s use of fraudulent Social Security numbers by illegal aliens

Investigation raises questions about the actions of Oregon State Police and federal agents involved in the LaVoy Finicumare killing – Governor calls for further investigation

Federal takeover of community policing? More and more police departments around the country sign on to the Police Data Initiative which gives the White House jurisdiction on such matters as cameras on police uniforms, and whether or not local jurisdictions accept equipment from the military


Texas leads a majority coalition of 26 states in lawsuit arguing against the illegal and unconstitutional actions taken by the Obama administration on illegal immigration

Random Quotations – May 1st, 2016

Four items regarding Donald Trump’s campaign…

“Donald Trump has a message for some of the celebrities musing about leaving for Canada if he’s elected president: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out… The billionaire candidate expressed delight Tuesday when asked about the phenomenon of famous Americans talking about becoming political exiles if he’s elected… He said he’d be glad to make it a reality. ‘Well, now I have to get elected… I’ll be doing a great service to our country. I have to (win). Now, it’s much more important. In fact, I’ll immediately get off this call and start campaigning right now.’… The day after George W. Bush’s re-election in 2004, Canada’s immigration website smashed its then-record for single-day visits.” – Toronto Sun, “Trump to celebrities threatening to immigrate to Canada: That would be a great thing”, April 26th, 2016.

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Random Quotations – May 1st, 2016

Islam and The West.

Emphasis added – five items in total…

“The Turkish government has sent 970 clerics – most of whom do not speak German – to lead 900 mosques in Germany that are controlled by a branch of the Turkish government’s Directorate for Religious Affairs. Turkish clerics in Germany are effectively Turkish civil servants who do the bidding of the Turkish government… Critics accuse Erdogan of using DITIB mosques to prevent Turkish migrants from integrating into German society… Erdogan has repeatedly warned Turkish immigrants not to assimilate into German society.” – Extracts from Soeren Kern, “Germany: We Need an Islam Law” – Gatestone Institute, April 28th, 2016.

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