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Random Quotations – June 17th, 2016

Some quotations about Islam that might be illuminating in terms of the present upheaval over the Orlando massacre – emphasis added by me – six items in total…

“Islam is a religion of peace, period. End of discussion. ‘Violent extremist’ outfits such as ISIS and al-Qaeda kill wantonly, with no real ideological motivation. ISIS and al-Qaeda are thus not Islamic, but actually anti-Islamic – and if they cite Islamic scripture to justify their atrocities, they are ‘hijacking’ and ‘perverting’ Islam. Because we must see these groups as ‘anti-Islam’ rather than Islam, it is acceptable to call a mass-murder attack ‘terrorism’ only if law-enforcement develops some plausible tie to these groups. Otherwise, if a Muslim is involved, stick with ‘workplace violence’ and the like. Finally when an attack committed by a Muslim is too obviously terrorism to deny, call it ‘ISIS-inspired,’ or ‘al-Qaeda-inspired,’ or ‘Hamas political resistance,’ etc. – but by all means do not, absolutely do not, ascribe it to Islam in any way shape or form.” – Andrew C. McCarthy, “Killing Homosexuals Is Not ISIS Law, It Is Muslim Law” – National Review, June 12th, 2016.

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Understanding the Orlando massacre

There are so many different aspects to this incident, particularly with regards to the mad rush by self-interest groups to gain political advantage from it, that it is hard to know where to start.

A full and proper understanding of the background, Muslim religious attitudes, and the leftist desire to conflate criticism of attacks on “gays” with “Islamophobia”, is necessary to be able to make any sense at all out of the situation.

Additionally, we are often told that the perpetrators of such crimes are “mentally unstable” or “unwell”, which has the effect of taking the blame away from the Muslim religion.  This ignores the problem of the Muslim tendency towards inbreeding, which can result in significantly lower IQ and mental stability.

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The Palestine Chronicle is now in serious danger of folding?

The following is a copy-and-paste of their most recent appeal. I have been receiving their emails for several years now, and consider them to be highly informative.

“Dear Readers,

“The commitment of the Palestine Chronicle to the Palestinian cause spans more than 15 years. During this time, it has expanded its readership significantly, grown in terms of content as well as a limited but highly effective staff, and remained committed to being at the forefront of current news.

“However, and most unfortunately, this non-profit organization runs the serious risk of being shut down. As dismal and unfortunate as it is, this is the reality of the situation for the Palestine Chronicle at the moment.

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Random Quotations – June 14th, 2016

Examining anti-White racism; all emphasis added by me – five items in total…

“The media and the politicians have been downplaying what happened, and in short, what we saw in Oregon with the shooting of LaVoy Finicum was an execution, an assassination of a person who dared to question the federal government. But, the mainstream media has refused to report this as it should be, because LaVoy did not fit their agenda. If he had been black, calling police ‘racist,’ the media would have been all over this story, and cities around the country would be suffering from rioting. If LaVoy had been gay, the police would be called bigots, and new legislation regarding hate crimes would be in the process of being issued. But, LaVoy Finicum was a white rancher, so we have practically a media blackout.” – Douglas V. Gibbs, “Oregon officials call LaVoy Finicum death disturbing” –, March 17th, 2016.

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Military & Intelligence News – June 13th, 2016

NATO: Baltops training exercises put military might on display

The robotization of military power: An in-depth commentary

Russian missile deployment: A severe test for Belarus and it’s Russian/Western balancing act

Will micro-chipped beetles join the ranks of drones? The giant flower beetle seems a suitable candidate…

Russia: Putin challenges NATO and the U.S. by increasing attack submarine patrols in Scandinavia and Scotland

Deconstruction of Western Civilization – June 13th, 2016

Cultural Marxism: A history and analysis

The “Hurt Feelings Scale

Yale University told that reading white male authors only is “unacceptable”; core course requirements must be “decolonized”

Swiss reject “basic income for all

Merging the militaries of Netherlands and Germany is the beginning of the end for national sovereignty in Europe

Random Quotations – June 11th, 2016

Five items regarding Donald Trump’s campaign – (any emphasis added by me)…

“…I am not surprised that the Republicans have recruited candidates who resort to outright racist and discriminatory statements and tactics given their standard bearer, Donald Trump.” – Aaron Rupar, “Minnesota Republican attacks her Democratic opponent for being LGBT and half black” –, June 8th, 2016.

“The mayor, a Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter, criticized Trump for coming to cities and igniting problems that local police departments had to deal with – ‘At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behaviour of his campaign’…” – Mayor Sam Liccardo of San Jose, quoted by Martha Mendoza of AP in the Toronto Star story “Anti-Trump group punches his supporters, throws eggs outside San José rally” on June 3rd, 2016.

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“Judicial activism” used to create damaging precedents

“(But) instead of sending Reid to jail for six to 12 months – the sentence sought by the Crown for three counts of trafficking in crack cocaine and one count of possession of the proceeds of crime – (Judge Ed) Morgan recently handed down what’s known as a conditional sentence, more commonly known as house arrest… Morgan explains that he considered both Reid’s personal circumstances and societal forces – including anti-black racism and the over-incarceration of people from the black community.” (Emphasis added).

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Random Quotations – June 10th, 2016

Five items in total…

“In an entitlement context, all sorts of ‘gaps’ and ‘disparities’ automatically become ‘inequities’, and a reason for lashing out at others, instead of improving yourself.” – Thomas Sowell, “Is personal responsibility obsolete?” – Toronto Sun, June 9th, 2016.

“This court, better known as Gladue Court, was named after a Supreme Court judgment regarding a Cree woman on Vancouver Island who ran a knife through her cheating fiancé’s heart, and is supposed to be a more compassionate venue for First Nations offenders… Yet the man in the prisoner’s dock, whose surname was clearly Nigerian, was never asked the obvious question when he was arraigned on a relatively minor theft charge… ‘We’re not allowed to ask the question,’ a social worker associated with the court later told me. ‘If an accused self-identifies as aboriginal, we cannot question him on this’…” (Emphasis added) – Mark Bonokoski, “Forget ‘hip hop,’ hear the aboriginal drumbeat” – Toronto Sun, June 1st, 2016.

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Muslims and the West – June 10th, 2016

Some responses to the Muslim invasion – five items in total…

Austria: Newly-built wooden structure, intended to house several dozen migrants, burns down – police suspect arson

Slovakia: Prime Minister Fico says he will build a border fence between Austria and Hungary – “We’ll never bring even a single Muslim to Slovakia; we won’t create any Muslim communities here because they pose a serious security risk”

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