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Random Quotations – Racial Issues – Jan 9th, 2019

Five items in total…

“But Britain’s liberal elite forgot Isaiah Young-Sam long ago. They’ve never added his name to their Big Book of Minority Martyrs and, unlike Stephen Lawrence, he hasn’t been the subject of an endless stream of books, articles, TV programmes and radio broadcasts. Why so? It’s simple. Isaiah Young-Sam has not been turned into a minority martyr because he was murdered by the wrong kind of racist. His killers were brown-skinned Pakistani Muslims. Therefore his murder is useless to the liberal elite. It can’t be used for promoting the lie that ordinary Whites are an ominous and ever-present threat to the lives and well-being of gentle, vulnerable non-Whites.” – Tobias Langdon, “Efface the facts: White Supremacism in the Jewish community” – The Occidental Observer, Jan. 4th, 2019.

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The Heading Says It All! – Jan. 9th, 2019

Seven items in total…

“It was wrong all along to take a bong from man in a thong: lawsuit” here.

“Poacher ordered to repeatedly watch ‘Bambi’ after 100s of deer killed” here.

“Baby Jesus beheaded in Ilford” here.

“Krispy Kreme delivers to cops mourning loss of doughnut truck” here.

“Nation would collapse if everyone became LGBT: Japanese lawmaker” here.

“GM Oshawa workers hold work stoppage over closure” here.

“Shear lunacy: PETA ridiculed after asking U.K. village of Wool to change name, saying it promotes animal cruelty” here.

Random Quotations – Free Speech – Jan. 7th, 2019

Five items in total…

“But, I agree, passionately, with respected journalists like Paul Wells, Andrew Coyne, Chantal Hebert, Terry Corcoran and a host of others, who reject the Liberals’ bail-out as an unacceptable intervention that will compromise the independence of their craft… I share their opposition to the Liberal proposal of a ‘panel’ of ‘news experts’ who would distribute the election-year beneficence by deciding which newsrooms are ‘credible’ and worthy… and which newsrooms aren’t.” – Peter Kent, “Liberals’ $600 million media bailout lacks depth, fails to solve core problem” – The Post Millennial, Dec. 22nd, 2018.

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Random Quotations – Jan. 6th, 2019

Five items in total…

“Across Western Europe, ordinary citizens feel ignored and condescended to by their political, business, academic, and media elites. Against the will of most of these citizens, their leaders are gradually surrendering their nations’ sovereignty to the EU… Also against these citizens’ will, their nations have been flooded with Muslim immigrants who embody a major cultural challenge, have caused massive social unrest, and represent a devastating economic burden… Although it is increasingly obvious that taxpayer-funded Islamization is leading Western Europe down the wrong path, the EU, which stands foursquare behind this disastrous development, refuses to reverse course… Perhaps the question should not be why Western Europeans are rioting but why they did not start rioting a long time ago.” – Bruce Bawer, “Yellow Vest riots spread: Week five” – Gatestone Institute, Dc. 18th, 2018.

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