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Black Crime – Greater Toronto Area – February 1st, 2020

Five items in total…

There seems to be no shortage of Black crime in the eastern Greater Toronto Area. Sometimes it is gangs of Black kids threatening White kids to steal their cell-phones and cash, other times it is home-invasions, and armed bank robberies and store robberies. Predatory crimes of this nature were considerably fewer when I got here in 1966, and very often the race of the perpetrators is witheld by the police or the press whenever such crimes are reported…

“Arrest after teen sexually assaulted twice in Toronto park” here.

“Three men wanted after Pickering 7-Eleven robbed” here.

“Man, 34, wanted for North York nightclub shooting” here.

“Man sought for sex assault of girl, 17, in North York” here.

“Man charged with attempted murder after law firm targeted” here.