U.K. Minister refers bluntly to Israeli war crimes

“These are further profoundly provocative actions that run contrary to the Fourth Geneva Convention… By taking these steps, despite the international community repeatedly raising our profound concerns, the Israeli government is damaging Israel’s international reputation.” – Alistair Burt, Minister for the Middle East.

The Times of Israel has a story today by Raphael Ahren headed “Hinting at war crimes charges, UK minister attacks Israel for East Jerusalem construction plans”.  The sub-heading tells us that “(UK Minister for the Middle East) Alistair Burt also calls for reversal of Ariel University upgrade (and) praises Mahmoud Abbas for ‘measured response’ to Israel’s ‘profoundly provocative actions’.”

I thought I might never live to see the day when a ranking British cabinet minister (or any other senior Western politician, for that matter) would have the courage to defy the Israel Lobby and state the facts in a blunt and straightforward manner, rather than keeping such criticism muted.

Of course, Burt will now be subjected to all the crude, vicious, and threatening smears that organized Jewry has at its disposal when dealing with anyone who dares to threaten their interests. 

He will be accused of attempting to “de-legitimize Israel”, and of anti-Semitic tendencies.  His resignation will be demanded, and the British Prime Minister will be threatened with similar accusations if Burt cannot be made to demean himself by making an abject and grovelling apology.

I pray to God that he has the courage to withstand the blistering and merciless attacks that can be expected, particularly from the heavily Jewish-influenced press, to whom facts often matter little if the “Jewish State” is involved.

But even if he and/or the Prime Minister crack under the pressure, a precedent has been set, and this is a wonderful day indeed. 

Not only has a British cabinet minister called Israel out on its blatant disregard of the Geneva Conventions with regards to the Occupied Territories, and the continual movement of its own population into them, but he has even used their own terminology; “measured response” is a term  Israel loves to apply to its indiscriminate bombing, shelling, and sniper killings of civilians in the massive concentration camp known as “Gaza”.

As for de-legitimizing Israel, they have already done that to themselves.  With the recent vicious shelling and aerial attacks on Gaza they have perhaps finally gone too far, and the public disgust at Israel’s brutal occupation has now seemed to reach the point that senior politicians feel sufficiently emboldened as to actually say what they have already known for many, many years.

In my opinion, Israel is guilty of repeated war crimes, and should be taken before International Court at The Hague. 

Those guilty should be punished (if still alive), and reparations should be made, including both the return of illegally held territory, and monetary compensation to the families of the many thousands of Palestinians killed by the Zionist war machine. 

And, as well, compensation should be paid for the deliberate and callous destruction of Palestinian essential infrastructure, often paid for by Western countries such as Britain.

Of course, Israel hasn’t the slightest intention of surrendering any land, and will continue its settlement policy without any regard for world opinion, as it has always done.  All expressions of disapproval will be ignored, and nothing will change for the better until Western governments, in particular the United States and Britain, turn off the aid taps and cease their military and diplomatic support of  Israel.

But, as with the Mearsheimer-Walt report, at least a start has been made.  I hope and pray that others will build on it. 

Jeff Goodall.

You can read Alistair Burt’s statement at the British Consulate-General Jerusalem website here.

You can read the Times of Israel article here.