France tires of immigrant burden

“With a growing number of migrants, mainly from Muslim countries, France is experiencing many internal problems. They include rising unemployment and crime, and increasingly greater sums of money from the state treasury spent on support of migrants and their families, which has a detrimental effect on the economy. Finally, France is simply awash with the migrant population with an alien ideology, reluctant to accept European values and often hostile.”

Last Friday, the English version of Pravda carried an article headed “Migrants strangle France alive” in which we are told that France is reducing benefits to foreign immigrants by as much as 83%.  Similar reports appear elsewhere in the media, but Pravda seems to be a little less restrained in its coverage.

In addition to providing precise details as to these substantial changes, the article also examines  why these changes have become necessary.  Essentially speaking, the French economy is collapsing under the massive burden of providing housing and money for vast numbers of immigrants who do not work, and who have little or no intention of offering anything in return. 

They would rather live on public largesse, and breed prolifically in order to guarantee their entitlements.  Obviously this is a lose-lose situation for France, and even liberals and socialists are being forced to accept the fact that the situation is grossly unrealistic and no longer sustainable.

The reductions will come into effect on March 31st, 2013. 

Mike Harris drastically reduced welfare benefits almost twenty years ago.  There is no reason to believe that this action reduced the overall number of economic migrants into Canada, but it certainly cut back on the number of useless parasites leaching off the public purse in Ontario. 

Our burden was greatly reduced as third-world immigrants moved to other provinces, and as new arrivals into Canada settled elsewhere.

A combination of reduced provincial and federal benefits will be necessary to ease and then reverse the devastating effects of open-door immigration into Canada, and there is a huge market  for a political party dedicated achieving that, and to encouraging the removal of those useless mouths already here.

This French development, if rigidly adhered to and not subjected to compromise, will set a wonderful precedent.  Canada and other countries would do well to take similar action now, before we sink to the same level.

Jeff Goodall.

See “Migrants strangle France alive” here.

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