America: Going ‘forward’ on the wrong road

Although the following article by JB Williams from “Right Side News” specifically addresses the American experience, it contains useful parallels as to how all Western, Christian nations are being debased and ruined by enemies within. 

And while the author is clearly aware of the Marxist basis for these attacks, and identifies Obama as being the current spearhead, there is no indication that he is in the least aware that Marxism, Obama ‘et al’ are merely tools for the “deconstructing” of Western society which has been deliberately engaged in by organized Jewry for well over a century. 

Nonetheless, those who are aware of the underlying realities will find this article to be a chilling reprise of the extent to which this ongoing assault has been successful, and of how far we have been pushed and led down the road to our disinheritance and ultimate destruction.

For those curious as to my reference to “organized Jewry” and their campaign to “deconstruct” Western Christian Civilization, I strongly recommend that they read Prof. Kevin MacDonald’s excellent book “Culture of Critique”.

And a Happy New Year to my American visitors!

Jeff Goodall.

Read Mr. Williams’ article “This Isn’t America Right Now” here.

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