Disgraced TDSB Director Chris Spence has resigned

“The education director of the Toronto District School Board stepped down Thursday, effective immediately… he made no specific reference to the numerous examples of his work that appear to have relied heavily on the words of others… In his writing of the (Toronto Star) article, he explained, he had copied material from elsewhere and then gone back and used it, apparently in the belief that it was his own.  He made no mention of other instances.”  (Emphasis added -JG).

Dear God, nobody is that stupid.

In the Globe and Mail’s article “TDSB head Chris Spence resigns over plagiarism controversy” published today, and posted right about the time I commenced researching and writing my article “Plagiarizing was a ‘mistake’ – Toronto Education Director” which appears immediately below this one, we find a large number of comparisons to the works of others which were used by Spence in his official blog on the TDSB website.

The blog was taken down right about the time his resignation was announced by the Board Chair.

His plagiarism was both extensive and blatant.  Indeed, how a man of his presumed intelligence would feel the need to be so unethical is an amazement to me, as his salary was way above that of us mere mortals.

But nonetheless, his behaviour fits perfectly with the stereotypical Black egotism and inflated sense of self-worth that so often confuses White people, who expect to see ability where it is claimed.

Perhaps this reflects a more sophisticated form of the juvenile power-tripping so often to be found in Blacks who reach, or are put into, any position of authority over people of other backgrounds.

But in any event, my speculations will not achieve anything.

What we must consider now is how a person like Spence achieved such a high position.  Was it an ‘equity hire’ gone wrong?

Was he promoted so consistently (see here) simply on the basis of his skin colour?  Were other, more qualified White people ignored in order to turn liberal fantasies into reality?

He is not the first Black to have been given every possible advantage and who yet managed to screw-up, and he won’t be the last unless we restore normality and common sense to our hiring and promotional policies.

And, ultimately, we should stop importing people who either become part of the criminally-minded underclass of unemployables now infesting our larger cities, or who alternatively rise up the ladder only to let us down with stunning displays of incompetence, unethical self-aggrandisement, or outright corruption.

And Chris Spence is certainly guilty of two of the above, as in “self-aggrandisement” and “incompetence”.

With regards to the latter, here is a quote from my previous writings on his “Africentric Schools” endeavour:

“It seems to me that Director Spence is trying to create a race-based market for specialised programmes, and in my opinion he should be told to straighten out his act and only spend the taxpayers’ money in areas where there is a clearly identified need – such as in general education for all students.”

It will be interesting to see what kind of a financial package is given to Spence in exchange for his self-termination.  It would take me just a fraction over nine and a half years of income from three pensions plus old-age security to receive his salary for 2011, and his “compensation” may well exceed that amount.

I don’t know whether to blame Spence, or the liberal degenerates who created the “politically correct” atmosphere and culture which encourages such disgusting exhibitions.

I doubt they will ever learn.

And now we can expect the usual suspects to start making shrill (and well co-ordinated) accusations that he was forced out of his position by “White racism”…

Jeff Goodall.

See “TDSB head Chris Spence resigns over plagiarism controversy” here.