Israel Lobby forced to make a ‘strategic withdrawal’

“The nomination of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense came under fire from the friends of Israel even before it was certain that President Barack Obama would name him to the post… (Hagel) refused to kowtow to the Israel Lobby, failing to sign on to letters and position statements, saying that he was first and foremost a United States Senator, not a representative of a foreign power.”

In his article “It Is All About Israel” appearing on the “Veterans News Now” website today, Philip Giraldi  tells us that the days when the Jewish-led Israel Lobby can call the shots on senior-level political appointments in the U.S. may be coming to an end.

President Obama is refusing to allow the Lobby to veto Hagel’s nomination, and this has caused a fear among Jewish pro-Zionists that “… the perception that Jews as a group were blocking a qualified presidential appointment might create an unwelcome backlash.”

While the pull-back of the Lobby in the Hagel case may perhaps reflect nothing more than a strategic withdrawal to be followed by intensive efforts to shore up the Lobby’s power, this is nonetheless a very welcome development.

Hopefully the American public will notice this defiance of the Lobby, and will be led to a deeper understanding of just how much of their foreign and military policy is being determined by American citizens acting on behalf of a foreign power.

Mr. Giraldi’s excellent report covers a great deal of ground, and is essential reading for those who are just becoming aware of the extent of the problem.

Jeff Goodall.

See “Giraldi : It Is All About Israel” here.

FOLLOW-UP:  Chuck Hagel was forced to resign late in November 2014, see here.