The Occidental Observer is a vital source of information

I read Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s book “Culture of Critique” several years ago, and was very impressed.  It explains a great deal about the decline of the West, why all political parties support the importation of largely-unassimilable Third-World immigrants and refugees regardless of the overwhelming objections of the people, why the Christian religion, the family unit and other elements of White culture are under ceaseless attack, and so on.

Which brings us to The Occidental Observer, of which Dr. MacDonald is the Editor, and its excellent and up-to-date coverage and insight into current events and how they affect us, particularly in light of the ongoing “de-construction” of Western Christian Civilization and the swamping of the White race in a torrential, and to my mind, genocidal flood of foreigners.

While TOO concentrates on American issues, it often touches on other country’s problems, and the parallels with what is happening elsewhere in the West are very useful.

The Occidental Observer will send you emails several times a week providing links to just-issued articles, and I find the service to be extremely useful.  You can sign up for it here, just a little down from the top on the right.

To whet your appetite, here are some quotes from recent articles, with links to the original:

“Every upright man will voluntarily obey the call to arms if powerful foes are amassing under the walls of his native city and prepare to storm the gateways… But what to do when alien itinerants, disguised as friends and allies, have long since burrowed their way into the very heart of the citadel and from there conduct a campaign of destruction so cunningly camouflaged that only a small group of clear-minded citizens, men and women alike, understand fully what is afoot?” – When Tyrants rule…

“The real problem is with all immigration that derives from demographic sources racially and culturally distant from the majority population.  Until folks can honestly talk about immigration as a whole, the “legalize everyone” endgame is the ultimate option that the Establishment has to defuse nativist sentiment.  And, anyway, once these illegals become citizens and vote, do you think they’ll support continued ‘strict enforcement?’  Obviously, they’ll vote to further open the borders.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned.” – Against Amnesty.

“Salter analyzes the present ethnic hierarchy in Australia as consisting of a White majority dominated by hostile elites and non-White minority ethnic coalitions (saying that) Anglo-Celtic Australians are being rapidly displaced by mass Third World immigration that they were never asked to approve, are excluded from multicultural forums, and are the prime targets of political correctness, including a growingly coercive legal apparatus.” – Frank Salter on Race and Nation in Australia.

“There’s no question that voices within the Jewish community critical of Israel are gaining momentum—people like Peter Beinart, websites like Mondoweiss, the J Street lobbying group, and significant Jewish involvement in the BDS movement. It’s a good sign, but the jury is still out on whether it will ultimately influence policy change, either in Israel or the U.S… despite all the Jewish power in the media, the situation in Israel has become so obviously ugly that it can’t be papered over. There have been cracks within elite foreign policy circles in the U.S., most notably Mearsheimer and Walt’s book The Israel Lobby.  And there has been significant erosion of support for Israel by European countries to the point that UN votes basically pit the U.S. and Israel against the rest of the world.” – Jewish attitudes on Israel and White advocacy: Similarities and differences.

“The starting point was thus a cultural pluralist perspective, which meant that immigrants with massive government intervention and financial support would be encouraged to preserve their culture (and thus send out signals to the world that Sweden is a tolerant country where everyone is welcome). The meeting between the Swedish culture and minority cultures would be enriching to the whole community and the majority population would begin to adapt to the minorities.” – The Jewish origins of multiculturalism in Sweden.

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Jeff Goodall.