Meteorite fright

The meteorite which hit Russia recently was a shock to us all.  It could have landed anywhere, and if we fear anything at all, it is things over which we have no control.

And when it comes to meteorites, earthquakes, massive storms or whatever, we are reminded of just how small and pitiful we are in the overall scheme of things.

I have heard it said that a massive hit by a meteorite will devastate the world once in a while, sufficient to cause a massive die-off.  The dinosaurs got theirs, countless other life-forms have also been destroyed, and humanity may well be destroyed sooner or later.

There are those who believe that the human race has been re-incarnated several times, and that we can never hope to achieve group immortality unless we develop to the point that we achieve space-flight capabilities and reproduce ourselves elsewhere in the universe, before our planet is again subjected to a die-off caused by an asteroid or something even bigger.

According to this theory, we have around 250,000 years between such events.  And we are likely overdue for a recurrence right now…

Mars and our moon appear to have been totally devastated by interplanetary collisions, and we have no reason to expect immunity from such occurrences.

In the meantime we will continue to argue and fight, all aspiring to achieve dominance, because that is how nature designed us and that is how we advance ourselves.

Unless and until we get hit with a die-off event…

Jeff Goodall.

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