Australian dual-citizen Mossad agent died in Israeli jail

“Israeli-Australian Zygier was known only as “Prisoner X” until a week ago when Australia’s ABC television identified him and claimed that he worked as a spy… The same channel said that Zygier had met members of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (Asio) – Australia’s secret service – during four trips home, and that he disclosed comprehensive details about his missions within the Mossad.”

In today’s story “Prisoner X Ben Zygier who was secretly held in Israel ‘leaked Mossad secrets’ to Australian security services” Britain’s “The Independent” provides some fascinating insight into Mossad exploitation of its allies.

Both Australia and New Zealand have “history” with the Mossad, with Australia expelling an Israeli diplomat after it was discovered that one of their passports was used in the Mossad operation resulting in the death of Hamas commander Mahmoud Mabhouh in Dubai three years ago.

Perhaps the Australians “turned” Zygier to find out what the Mossad was up to in Australia, and the Mossad got nasty about it as a warning to others; although we are told that Zygier committed suicide, his cell had CCTV, and unless someone was asleep at the switch, it should have been possible to prevent such an occurrence.

And why does the story come out now?  Was it deliberately leaked?

We will likely never know, but it never does any harm to be reminded of Israel’s disrespect for and abuse of its allies.

Jeff Goodall.

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