Crime statistics misleading and deceptive

“Canadians no longer report most crimes to police. They don’t see the point… Police don’t respond to simple property crimes anymore. They issue victims a file number and tell them to contact their insurance companies. Those few thieves who are caught know they can expect little or no prison time. It’s the same with lots of other crimes, up to and including assault.” – Lorne Gunter, Toronto Sun.

In his article “Crime stats are all just a mirage” in the Toronto Sun yesterday, columnist Lorne Gunter tells us that “politicians, criminologists, law profs, prisoners’ rights activists and judges” tend to fudge the numbers on Canada’s crime statistics because they want to be able to say that their liberal, lenient sentencing policies are working.

There are several reasons why this is not so, and Gunter clearly identifies and explains them.  However, while including age demographics in his analysis, he completely fails to address the racial issues.

Leniency with young offenders and older first-time offenders may work well with White people, but it simply provides encouragement to outsiders who relate neither to us nor to our culture and social mores; our immigration policies have already burdened us with a permanent underclass of criminally-minded unemployables, with all the accompanying social burdens and misery that brings with it.

We had nothing like this level of crime when I arrived here in 1966.

And until our politicians wise-up and stop importing problems where none previously existed, the situation will continue to worsen; our quality-of-life is being ruined by liberal do-gooders who care not how much pain is inflicted on the rest of us by their unnatural and illogical efforts to make us all “equal”.

I have no idea if Lorne Gunter agrees with me on my racial “take” of the situation, but if he does, it is undoubtedly more than his job is worth to say so.

And this “politically correct” stranglehold over the media and our right to free speech must be mercilessly destroyed before we can even begin to think of straightening out this hideous mess.

Jeff Goodall.

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