The ‘gentrification’ of Detroit

“Nobody’s saying we don’t want white people in Detroit. Nobody’s saying that. We recognize the economic benefits to that. But in the same token it’s not fair that you can come in on the block and build up and buy this lavish house and mine’s is falling apart and I’m trying to get illegal cable and water. I’m not even going to say cable. I’m going to say basic water and electricity and heat and I’m rigging up stoves and opening up stoves to be hot at night. But you got a loan to pay off your house?” – The poet and activist known as “Honeycomb”.

What’s wrong with this picture??!!!

According to the glaringly straightforward article “Unease with White return to Detroit” linked to below, appearing in “” on the 19th of this month, “Gentrification is when whites move into cities and disregard the black residents.”

As in, for example, “where rich white folks move in and push out the black folks that have been holding down the neighborhood for 50 years” – and – “as white folks move in they do not want their kids going to them old dilapidated schools with black kids. They want brand new campuses that is modern and state of the art.”

Of course, “gentrification” is not just a matter of Whites moving into Black areas and taking them over; to me, it’s a matter of Whites who inexplicably want to move back into a city which their racial compatriots previously abandoned because of Black crime and violence… but, whatever.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out…

Jeff Goodall.

See “Unease With White Return To Detroit” here.