Free speech in Canada suffers another blow

“(The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code) appropriately balances the fundamental values underlying freedom of expression with competing Charter rights and other values essential to a free and democratic society, in this case a commitment to equality and respect for group identity and the inherent dignity owed to all human beings.” – Extract from the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling on the Whatcott case.

Why does this statement make me nervous?

Because it is imposing an opinion on the fundamental right to free speech that we all must have if we are to indeed be free.  And “equality and respect for group identity and the inherent dignity owed to all human beings” is subject to interpretation, which has the potential to remove all hope of justice and fairness from the courts, depending on which political appointments have been made to the courts by whoever happened to be the leader of the political party that won the last election.

There are organizations within the legal system that seek to use the courts to create legal precedents which will dramatically alter our society, such as the Marxist-inspired Law Union of Ontario, of which I have written before; see links below.  They will not hesitate to take advantage of this ruling in order to advance their political agenda.

Particularly disturbing is that the Senate of Canada has not yet addressed Bill C-304 which cleared the House of Commons last year and was moved to the Senate for consideration in June 2012.  Bill C-304 effectively ended the notorious “Section 13“ of the Criminal Code, in which facts were irrelevent and a simple matter of “hurt feelings” was sufficient to obtain a conviction.

Section 13’s conviction rate was an astonishung 100%, and the chilling effect on free speech was staggering.

Bill C-304 has sat there ever since, with no action being taken whatsoever.  This is disgusting, but typical of the liberal/socialist scum who will ignore any requirement of common sense and decency in order to impose their will on the rest of us.

In the article linked to below, “Canadian Supreme Court Kills Last Hope for Free Speech”, Bruce Bawer of “” reviews a number of opinions on the issue that have been expressed by Canadian writers such as Jonathan Kay  and Andrew Coyne of the National Post, and solicitor emeritus Alan Shanoff of the Toronto Sun.  Bawer also describes himself as “a member of one of the groups the Court professes to be protecting” (he is homosexual), and he is somewhat dismissive of the ability of those such as Whatcott to do any harm.

In my opinion, people such as Whatcott have an unhealthy obsession that reflects itself in a negative sense which can be every damaging to those of us who identify with his basic viewpoints.  Going out of his way to be aggravating and offensive, he has caused immense damage to those of us who believe that abortion is murder, and who find the open celebration of sexual deviancy to be deeply offensive and an assault on our society and civilization.

Whether I like it or not, we live in a world where “political correctness” can cause immense grief if certain words are used; I have no intention of walking into unneccessary hassles that will detract from my ability to express my opinions, and which may turn my beliefs into an amusing sideshow for the media.

There are those who do speak thusly, but I try to think of working for a higher purpose than my own self-aggrandizement; words like “fag” and “nigger” are unnecessary to expressing a viewpoint, and are often used by haters who are otherwise unable to express themselves.

Their use is negative, and causes additional, unwanted burdens to what is already a difficult struggle.

Jeff Goodall.

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