The Zygier case: Mossad screwed up big-time

In their op-ed “Zygier Case Revealed: In Failing To Penetrate Iran And Hezbollah, He Exposed Israeli Spies In Lebanon” written by Richard Silverstein and posted yesterday, “eurasiareview” tells us that the recruiting of Australian dual-citizen Ben Zygier resulted in serious security lapses that resulted in damage to the Mossad, particularly in Lebanon.

Zygier was not merely incompetent, he actually revealed himself as a spy.

This appears to have happened in Australia while he was on leave enrolled in a business school, which resulted in a backlash from the justifiably-angered Australian security services, and that was the beginning of the end for him.

Even worse, it was discovered that previously, while bored at being assigned to a desk job in Israel, he tried to re-stablish his credibility with the Mossad by “turning” a Hezbollah agent in the Balkans, but was himself “turned” without even realizing it.

The information he disclosed led to a major setback for the Mossad when key agents in Lebanon were arrested and interrogated.

Silverstein’s article has a number of links in German and Hebrew, but below are two of his links to English-language articles on the subject.

A fascinating read – and a reminder that the Mossad is nowhere near omnipotent.

Jeff Goodall.

Read Richard Silverstein’s op-ed here.

Here are the two links referred to above, in the L.A. Times here, and Haaretz here.