Misuse of union dues

Re “City workers union opposes Toronto casino” (Don Peat, April 2):

After six years as a steward and 14 years as an elected member of the Executive Board of CUPE Local 79, now retired, I am utterly amazed to read Local 79 polled its members on something other than contract offers and the election of officers.

Perhaps this stunning breakthrough could be followed up with a poll asking whether or not the members are happy to see a significant part of their dues being spent on left-wing political issues, or would they prefer to see their money spent exclusively on collective bargaining and workplace representation.

After 20-odd years of bashing my head against a brick wall in protest at the use of union dues to support political ideologies which many union members oppose, I’m not holding my breath.

Jeff Goodall


(Good, that way you won’t turn blue)

See Sun Letters April 8th, 2013 here.

The following response appeared in the ‘Toronto Sun Letters’ on April 11th, 2013:

Union meddling

Re “Misuse of union dues” (Letters, April 8): The writer exposes how union dues are too often used to further left-wing political issues that are not supported by the membership. An interesting example is the last provincial election. I wonder how many teachers are pleased that their unions helped to re-elect the Dalton McGuinty Liberals?

Anne Robinson


(There are likely plenty of teachers unhappy about that, but for fear of backlash from their union, cannot speak out)