Margaret Thatcher: One of the greatest leaders of our time

“Prophetic in her vision for a stronger Britain as well as a freer world, Thatcher diagnosed the Socialist disease that plagues the globe and offered the cure of smaller government, lower taxation and economic expansion. Her enemies put forth wealth redistribution and equal misery for all with more taxation, regulation and government rule. It is small wonder her enemies celebrate her death in the streets, but all Americans and the world should reflect and hold in wonder the ideals of Margaret Thatcher, while reimplementing them before it is too late.” – Libertarian Terresa Monroe-Hamilton.

In her article “Honoring Margaret Thatcher – The ultimate progressive hunter” posted to her  website “” yesterday, Monroe-Hamilton has assembled a number of worthy quotes from others, in addition to her own in-depth observations, describing Margaret Thatcher’s iron strength and her visionary approach to socialism and the Cold War.

In the first paragraph she tells us that “Evil always despises strength and Baroness Margaret Thatcher was holy water to the vampiric Progressive Left. The Lioness of the British Isles roared onto the scene with Ronald Reagan and John Paul II to fight Communism and oppression. The Iron Lady was a warrior for freedom and she will forever be admired by me and millions of others.”

At the foot of the article is an expansive list of quotes from Lady Thatcher’s speeches and writings that is alone worth the visit to her site.

Jeff Goodall.

Read “Honoring Margaret Thatcher” here.

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