Degenerate scum celebrate Margaret Thatcher’s death

“A blast of the controversial top ten song Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead signalled the start of a party at Danderhall Miners’ Welfare and Social Club in Midlothian yesterday afternoon to celebrate the death of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher… the event which was expected to attract up to 300 people, began with a number of former miners, who had been on strike during the bitter 1984 dispute, marking the day with their own private toasts.” – From a news item in “The Scotsman”.

In my experience, by far the worst of the damage done to the working class comes from their own “champions”, i.e. the unions and the political parties they support and finance.

The lower intelligence of the working class is exploited by the creation of ideological dogmas which fill them with ideas of oppression and entitlement, and promises them all the benefits of wealth and property without any of the hard work and determination necessary to achieve it.

This also causes them to blame their “enemies” for their own acts of stupidity, as in fighting with the Thatcher government thirty years ago to try to keep open scores of mines which were operating at a loss and had long since become redundant.

Here are some extracts from an article I posted on Jan. 12th, 2011, with some emphasis added:

“To get an idea of the battle between Thatcher and the NUM, and how things were in Britain some twenty-five years ago, rent or see the movie “Brassed Off” about the pit orchestra and workers at a mine that was being closed. It gives some valid hints about how honest, hard-working miners and their families were misled and used by Marxist union bosses, who manipulated them into a hopeless battle against the government for tens of thousands of jobs that were long-since redundant, and which no longer served any useful purpose in the national economy.

“During the strike three people were killed, some twenty thousand injured, and over eleven thousand miners and supporters were arrested and charged with criminal offences.

“Families were split, thousands of lives ruined, and the suicide rate increased dramatically. Entire communities were wrecked or turned into ghost towns, because union leaders used their members as instruments of warfare against the State.

“Instead of accepting the situation, and petitioning for job retraining and government incentives for companies and businesses to move into the affected areas and provide employment, they gambled with the well-being of their members and a whole culture and way of life was utterly destroyed instead of being given a chance to evolve to meet the new realities.

“To give an idea of the socialist/union mentality involved, I once saw an entire public housing estate built on a marsh, at immense additional cost, in order to place a few thousand Labour votes into a Conservative stronghold.

“I hate socialism with a passion, and I left England because of it.”

Margaret Thatcher changed Britain immeasurably for the better, and destroyed the “dictatorship of the proletariat” as practiced by Marxist leaders such as “chardonnay socialist” Arthur Scargill.

Laugh it up, clowns.

Jeff Goodall.

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