Canadian Human Rights Tribunal boss bullied subordinates

“Ms. Chotalia, during meetings and in the presence of other employees, behaved in a way that was belittling and humiliating toward individuals…  Ms. Chotalia frequently yelled insults and directed defamatory comments at a member, questioning his competencies and bringing up issues about this person’s health and capacity to work in the presence of other employees” – Public Sector Integrity Commissioner Mario Dion.

In addition to having been the Chairperson of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, lawyer Shirish P. Chotalia holds the distinguished title of “Queen’s Counsel” and has served as “Western Convenor at Canada India Foundation” according to her Linkedin profile.

As they say, in every ‘liberal’ there’s a totalitarian kicking and screaming to get out.  And Ms. Chotalia took every possible opportunity to throw her weight around, even forbidding her staff to leave the building – during an earthquake alert – and making them attend her self-organized “swearing in” ceremony instead.

What I would like to know is what action, if any, will be taken against her by the Law Society of Upper Canada, and its Alberta equivalent (which is likely responsible for her QC designation), in light of her grossly unacceptable conduct?

On June 4th, 2010, I posted my article “The taxpayers being played for suckers yet again?” regarding Peel’s Inter-Cultural Neighbourhood Social Services (ICNSS) executive director Andrea Seepersaud and her partner Liberal MPP Bob Delaney regarding allegations that Andrea was slipping federal funds to hubby Bob’s election campaign…

She was so upset at her Immigration Canada funding being withdrawn that she actually had the ICNSS “sue Citizenship & Immigration Canada plus two of its officials for $12 million, after  complaints to both the Ontario Human Rights Commission and the Ontario Labour Relations Board were inexplicably rejected.”

It’s a short article, but quite illuminating… see link below.

There’s something about the “human rights” and “cultural” industries that just seems to bring out the absolute worst in certain people, and we have been disappointed and abused so many times  over the years.

And although I cannot ascertain where Ms. Chotalia was born, I can’t help thinking that if we didn’t keep flooding our country with foreigners that our political parties then get into frenzied competition to suck up to and accommodate, there would be a lot less of this fraud and power-tripping inflicted on us.

I note that Ms. Chotalia refused to co-operate with Mario Dion’s inquiry, blaming it at least partly on her being “a brown woman” .

No other professional, be they a doctor, accountant or whatever, could possibly hope to avoid serious consequences from such actions, and neither should Shirish Chotalia.

Nor should the Crown be smeared by her being allowed to continue to hold the title of Queen’s Counsellor.

Jeff Goodall.

See the Winnipeg Free Press report on this story here.

The “About” section of the Canada India Foundation can be seen here.  I have a feeling that such organizations can too-easily be used as stepping stones to high public or political position…  Ms. Chotalia no longer appears to have any official position with the organization.

Chotalia’s current website can be visited here.

You can read “The taxpayers being played for suckers yet again?” here.