Is Canada a “wanna-be gangster looking up to a Mafia boss”?

“In the international affairs equivalent of a Mafia initiation ceremony Canada has sworn undying loyalty and to be a faithful soldier in Israel’s cause…  The week before last the head of Canadian Forces visited Israel to deepen “cooperation between the two militaries”… Despite the Israeli Defense Force’s many human rights violations, many Canadian companies sell weapons directly to Israel…”

In Yves Engler’s article “Canadians Should be Concerned: The Harperites’ Love Affair with Israel” appearing in The Palestine Chronicle on May 9th, 2013, we are told of the astonishing – and largely unknown – extent of the co-operation between Canada and Israel.

Indeed, Engler tells us that “most Canadians would be surprised to learn the Tories have decided to make the two countries blood brothers”.

I personally find Canada’s ‘enabling’ of Israel’s massive and ongoing abuses of human rights to be appalling, and I am infuriated at Stephen Harper’s mindless grovelling to the perpetrators of  the slaughter of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, and his support for the murderous acts of war that Israel commits against its neighbours.

And I am not appreciative that we are sharing military know-how and information with Israel, and assisting in Israel’s penetration of NATO; if Israel becomes a member of NATO, all member countries will be obliged to come to the defence of Israel now matter how blatant its aggressions might be.

NATO Membership will be as useful to Israel as its control of America’s veto-power at the United Nations.

The first chance we get, Harper has to be voted out of office and cast onto the trash-heap of history, together with his murderous “friends”.

Let’s try to make the world clean again…

Jeff Goodall.

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Note: Yves Engler’s latest book is “The Ugly Canadian: Stephen Harper’s foreign policy”.  He is also the author of “Canada and Israel: building apartheid”. You can review these two books here and here.