Obama & America’s Decline – May 18th, 2013

This “Bits & Pieces” post has twice the usual number of entries.

Things appear to be rapidly reaching a crescendo in the United States, which in my opinion is in imminent danger of a take-over from within.

The individual States are passing laws invalidating Federal encroachments on State powers, the military has been “beheaded” by Obama’s replacement of high-calibre professional soldiers with more malleable types who will follow orders regardless of their oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, and intimidation of political opponents has now been found to be both widespread and routine.

Obama is attempting to establish his own “Brownshirts” through the Dept. of Homeland Security, and a number of likely “false flag” outrages are being used in an effort to disarm and demoralize the American population.

And regardless of how these developments work out, the clock is steadily ticking against White America as Obama seeks to give legal status to tens of millions of illegals, and he and the Federal Reserve rack up unsustainable debts and print tens of billions of dollars every month.

Economic collapse is likely the primary objective, and whether America will recover or sink into the Marxist abyss of tyranny and slavery will likely be determined by the armed forces and whether or not they will acquiesce to dictatorship or support the Constitution.

The Associated Press scandal will work very much against Obama, as he has angered the very people who usually give him a free pass, and they may well turn hostile towards him and support efforts at impeachment.

And that means Obama will have to decide soon whether he can take America by force, or will have to back down.

At stake is a decades-long endeavour by Marxists to take over the United States, and if it fails, it will be many more decades before such efforts can be made again, and Obama may try to force the issue.

Americans are living in very dangerous times indeed, and below are ten examples to illustrate my analysis.

See here for many more.

Jeff Goodall.


IRS withheld information from Congress

Missouri nullifies all Federal gun control

Feds to ignore States, enforce gun-grab laws

“Recess” appointments ruled invalid by courts

IRS asked pro-life group about ‘the content of their prayers’

Obama’s fake veneer peeling away

Political scandals engulf Obama White House

Pentagon grants itself authority over ‘civil disturbances’

DOJ tapped Congressional rooms and reporters’ offices

Economic disaster inevitable due to debt, money-printing