‘Human rights’ outrage! Firm innocent but must pay anyway…

“Strange as it may seem, Herman Miller (Canada Inc.) was innocent of discrimination but still lost.  Morgan’s allegations of discrimination were dismissed but he won. That’s the state of human rights laws in Canada.”

In his article “No discrimination … but pay up anyway” on May 19th, solicitor-emeritus of the Toronto Sun Alan Shanoff tells us that, while the Ontario Human Rights Commission rejected all allegations of discrimination against furniture manufacturer Herman Miller Canada Inc., the company was nonetheless ordered to pay a total of $70,799 to complainant Aldeen Morgan, on the grounds that the complainant’s feelings were hurt by the company’s failure to conduct an “investigation” into his complaints.

This decision needs to be struck down, but the Herman Miller company may see an appeal as throwing good money after bad – and they are the only party who can challenge this bizarre ruling by requesting a “judicial review” of it.

In my opinion, this ruling is illogical, irrational, and brings the administration of justice into utter contempt.

It also illustrates the lengths that the human rights “industry” will go to in order to favour ‘minorities’ and stomp all over ‘Whitey’.

Significantly, the ruling itself does not seem to address the Black complainant’s work performance and whether or not it was satisfactory, although his allegation of being placed in “menial positions” may well tell a story…

Now for what I believe to be some well-based speculation on my part: During my career as a union officer, I was aware that Black union officers would tell Black members to always file a complaint alleging  racially-based discrimination with the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) whenever filing a grievance against the employer.

The intention was to make life sufficiently unpleasant (and expensive) for the employer that they would cave in to Black demands.  And although I am a tall, blue-eyed WASP, Blacks would often ask me if I thought they should file an additional grievance alleging racial harassment, to bolster whatever their actual complaint was.  Did I think that would help their case?

Of course, I responded that unless there was any actual discrimination, they could end up looking pretty stupid; let’s stick to the matter at hand.  Had they insisted though, the Ontario labour laws would have required me to file such additional grievances…

And as far as backing up employer-grievances with human rights complaints went, the OHRC got so overloaded that they now refuse to accept complaints from anyone who has access to a grievance procedure in the workplace; the number of phony complaints must have been absolutely stunning.

There is nothing in the story as presented by Mr. Shanoff to contradict my suspicion that the plaintiff in this case was fearful of disciplinary action or dismissal because of poor performance, and tried to pre-empt the employer by playing the “race card”.

It is pathetic that such people can have access to such illogical, racially-biased “kangaroo courts” at public expense, with which to browbeat employers and compensate for poor attitude and poor performance.

The sooner these “human rights commissions” are replaced with a non-political adjudication system, such as we have for landlord and tenant disputes, the better.  The present system, which sees itself as a means of enforcing social engineering on society and belittling the White majority, cannot be allowed to continue.

There is a link to Mr. Shanoff’s article below, and links for contacting Ontario’s political leaders and MPP’s. Tell them what you think!

Jeff Goodall.

Read Mr. Shanoff’s article here.


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