Obama & America’s Decline – June 16th, 2013

This “Bits & Pieces” item has ten links to items of interest, rather than the usual five.  This is partly because other matters have been intruding on my time available for posting, but I think it does also indicate that the number of White House scandals, and the ongoing discovery of blatant attempts to undermine the Constitution, is reaching a crescendo.

My “Bits & Pieces” posts are intended to provide useful nuggets of information on specific subjects to those who are interested.  I wanted to put up more information for visitors and regulars alike, and to avoid readers having to struggle through large numbers of items on a variety of subjects all mixed in together.  And, I need time to work on my memoirs.

It seems to be working, and I have found a number of links to “Bits & Pieces” entries posted on forums and in “comment” sections as backup for various points of view.

I prefer to write original articles and commentary, but there are only so many hours in the day.  Hopefully, the combination of original material, and selected links sorted by subject, will achieve my objective of presenting a valid and useful selection of alternative points of view.

Jeff Goodall.

“Scandalpalooza” – Artillerymen have a technique called ‘time on target’, in which guns from different batteries are synchronized so that the rounds all hit a target simultaneously. Somewhere, something has called ‘time on target’ on the Obama administration.

Will Syria attack be to distract America from White House scandals?

Contract awarded for “online personalities” to manipulate opinions

Judge gives “leave of court” to file evidence on Obama’s alleged social security card fraud

U.S. agencies said to swap ‘sensitive’ data with thousands of firms

Entrenched complacency “ensures enslavement of Americans”

Intelligence agencies and Wall Street – The two centers of “unaccountable power”

EPA leaks farmers’ private information to ‘radical’ environmental groups

Ron Paul blames the “Patriot Act” for massive government snooping

“Totalitarianism” at the heart of the Obama scandals

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