Muslims in the West – June 26th, 2013

There are ten items in this post, rather than the usual five.

Muslims are becoming more numerous in the West, and thus increasingly more assertive, and this is reflected by an increase in the number of crimes of violence, intimidation, and murder committed against Westerners.

“Honour killings” against their own wives and daughters obviously aren’t decreasing much either…

U.K: Tensions high after “Muslim youths” attack “white girls”

U.S: Muslim student rapes 12-year-old

U.K: Radical Imam encourages Muslim vigilante “task forces”

U.S: Fourth Iraqi charged in violent sexual assault

Spain: Islamic radicals pose mounting challenge

U.K: Man in wheelchair has throat slit by Muslim

U.S: “Turkish village” in Maryland to be propaganda vehicle

Germany: Muslim with knives, Qur’an menaces citizens in Hamburg

U.S: Fort Hood killer claimed to be defending Taliban leaders…

U.K: Muslim beheads girl, attacks people in hospital