Obama & America’s Decline – June 29th, 2013

Once again, a “Bits & Pieces” post with more than the usual five items.

Quite frankly, America is falling so far and so fast under President Obama that ten items for this category may well become the new normal.

Each and every one of the links below leads to an article or analysis which has some significance with regards to America’s decline under President Obama, ranging from disrespect by other powers, to massive tax rebate fraud, criminally mis-managed security clearance checks, and individual States feeling compelled to pass laws nullifying federal encroachments on their rights and privileges.

And perhaps most ominously of all, the Federal Reserve is ordering pension funds to begin investing in U.S. debt – a doomed “Ponzi scheme” in which Obamacare and other socialist lunacy will be paid for out of “real” money invested by “real” people to secure their future after retirement.

What a disgusting mess.

Jeff Goodall.

Office of Personnel Management reveals massive fraud in security clearance background checks

New immigration act “fatally flawed” in many ways

IRS sent $46,378,040 in refunds to 23,994 illegal aliens at just one address

Last days before economic collapse?  The ‘Fed’ orders U.S. pension funds to begin acquiring U.S. debt

International affairs: America sidelined, becoming irrelevant

Military judge accuses Obama of ‘unlawful command influence’ in sex assault cases

China, Hong Kong and Russia foil U.S. on Snowden

Connecticut gun maker moves to South Carolina

Former V.P. Cheney says scandals show President Obama has “lost his integrity”

Alaska passes sweeping nullification of “indefinite detention”