How Britain’s “Tory” party became the “Torah” party

“(Prime Minister Tony) Blair and (Foreign Secretary Jack) Straw have become far too close to these people and Lord Levy, who is an unaccountable ambassador in the Middle East, is part of this group. They are acting on an extremely Zionist, Likud-nik agenda. In particular I am concerned that some of them are pushing for an attack on Syria, for reasons of Israeli security… It is an enormously sensitive issue and that’s why very many of us have been extremely reticent about it, because we don’t want to be seen as anti-Semitic.” – Tam Dalyell MP, quoted by The Scotsman on Sunday, May 4th, 2003.

“I am fully aware that one is treading on cut glass on this issue and no one wants to be accused of anti-Semitism but, if it is a question of launching an assault on Syria or Iran . . . then one has to be candid… I am not going to be labelled anti-Semitic. My children worked on a kibbutz. But the time has come for candour.” – Tam Dalyell MP, quoted by The Telegraph, also on May 4th, 2003.

In his article “The unbearable shame of Cameron’s ‘torah’ government” appearing in “” on June 28th, Stuart Littlewood reprises the astonishing degree of Jewish / Israeli influence in Britain’s government and political parties over the years.

The two quotes above, referred to by him, show that even ten years ago the Israel Lobby in Britain was agitating for attacks on Syria and Iran, two major obstacles to Israeli pacification and control of the Middle East.

Soon after Dalyell’s comments were reported, it was suggested that he should be investigated for “inciting racial hatred”.  That’s a pretty-much standard response to criticisms of Israel and its policies, designed to prevent any rational discussion of such claims.

As Littlewood points out, “He joined the dots and saw the danger, as did many others.”

There is much, much more information provided, and I suggest that you read Littlewood’s excellent article from start to finish.

Jeff Goodall.

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