George Zimmerman verdict could be the next “9/11”

In the same way that I complain about compulsory union dues being used to promote political agendas I don’t agree with, the American public should be very concerned about their compulsory tax payments being used to promote a racial agenda; President Obama compared Trayvon Martin to the son he never had, and the Department of Justice sent people to Florida to agitate and deliberately arouse Black people to anger.

More importantly, although Zimmerman wasn’t charged initially because the Sanford police were satisfied  he had acted in self-defence, political pressure was brought to bear of such magnitude that the police chief had to resign, and charges had to be laid using pretexts which seemed flimsy at the time, and have now been pretty-much shredded by the evidence presented by the defence.

In that sense, this entire media event is a “construct” deliberately intended to create racial discord and upheaval.

Earlier this week, the judge’s behaviour indicated that she might be under intense political pressure, when she engaged in an unprecedented and unprofessional outburst during which, according to “” and others, she “… told Zimmerman he had the ‘absolute right to remain silent’ but then proceeded to demand he answer her questions interrogation-style while silencing his lawyers… Defense attorney Don West twice objected to Nelson’s interrogation, prompting the judge to raised her voice and exclaim, ‘Your objection is overruled!’ in a manner more befitting of an angry parent lecturing a child than a legal professional.”

And in an act of sheer maliciousness, Florida State Attorney Angela Corey fired her IT director yesterday.  He had testified last month about his concerns that prosecutors did not turn over important information to George Zimmerman’s defense team, thus he failed to follow the prescribed politically-correct agenda.

According to Mark Steyn, “In the Zimmerman trial, the state’s ‘theory of the case’ is that it has no theory of the case: Might be murder, might be manslaughter, might be aggravated assault, might be a zillion other things, but it’s something. If you’re a juror, feel free to convict George Zimmerman of whatever floats your boat.”

Efforts were even made to classify Martin’s death as “child abuse” on the grounds that he was under 18 at the time; as Steyn cynically observes, “…even in a nutso jurisdiction like Florida, the crime of ‘child abuse’ was never intended to cover a wizened old granny kicking the ankle of the punk who’s mugging her a week before his 18th birthday.”

This whole trial could almost be laughable, if it wasn’t so serious; which it is, if only because of the likely consequences of a ‘not guilty’ verdict.

I went through Detroit in 1968, and I remember seeing the damage caused by the race riots the year before; block after block of burned-out buildings made the city look a lot like Britain did at the end of WWII.  And I know what that looked like because, years after the war was over, entire areas of some of the cities which were bombed had still not been totally cleaned up, and some shattered buildings still had walls standing.

In the likely event of an acquittal, White people can expect rioting by Blacks bussed into their neighbourhoods by the Department of Justice, and by arms-length groups such as the New Black Panthers, which latter has already bussed many people into Sanford already.

Random attacks against lone Whites, or even groups of Whites, can be expected to be committed by rampaging Blacks, starting immediately.

And to get down to the basics of it, is the fact that the average Black IQ is considerably lower that the average White IQ, and one result of low intelligence is difficulty in embracing abstract concepts, such as the Rule of Law.

And, people of lower intelligence are more easily led by others, particularly when an appeal is made to prejudices planted and nurtured over many decades regarding alleged White racism and ill-treatment of Blacks over the centuries.

We are reaching the culmination of a long effort to create a race-war in the United States, in order to justify the suspension of the Constitution and the imposition of martial law.

White people would do well to realise that they are irrevocably involved simply by virtue of the colour of their skin; they are in effect in uniform, and are subject to being attacked on sight, particularly in the weeks and months to come.

And this is just the beginning.  The DHS is hiring people and arming itself for a prolongued war against all those resisting government tyranny, and government agencies such as the Department of Justice are setting up phony branches intended to cause disruption, such as the DOJ’s  “Community Relations Services” branch.

It is a reasonable expectation that the Department of Justice is already dispatching elements of it’s “Community Relations Services” branch to key areas of the U.S. in advance of the verdict, in order to “help things along”‘ the instant the result is announced.

All this leads me to believe that America is being set-up for massive disturbances, which will provide an excuse for the suspension of the Constitution and the imposition of martial law, with the intention of carrying out a Marxist coup.  No more, no less.

We shall see.

Jeff Goodall.

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