The “Maple Leaf Forever” tree finally falls

“Historians are dubious, but as the story goes, a persistent leaf from the tree stuck itself to poet Alexander Muir’s sleeve in the fall of 1867, serving as the inspiration for “The Maple Leaf Forever,” a poem-turned-song-turned-unofficial-anthem.”

In their story “The Maple Leaf Forever no more: Storm knocks down tree tied to Canadian history” in the Toronto Star yesterday, Mariana Ionova and Jane Gerster tell us of the sad demise of the silver maple tree believed to have influenced Alexander Muir when he wrote his famous song which many people, myself included, believe should be our national anthem, not “O Canada”.

Trees, like people, eventually come to their natural conclusion, and this one was spared in its old age rather than being cut down for safety reasons.

Sad, but inevitable!

Jeff Goodall.

See the article here.

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