Israel Lobby – July 23rd, 2013

This “Israel Lobby” post takes a look at recent Lobby activities in the United Kingdom, covering the promotion of Israel supporters and attacks on critics in Parliament, and Lobby involvement in preventing debate over a contract tender to provide municipal services in Hackney, made by an Israeli company involved in the construction and operation of the Jerusalem light rail which connects West Jerusalem with illegal Israeli settlements in occupied East Jerusalem.

UK MP and Israel critic David Ward is suspended from party – “Ward was treated like a delinquent. According to the Jewish Chronicle  party leader Nick Clegg ordered him to work alongside Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel ‘to identify and agree language that will be proportionate and precise’ in future debate. Disciplinary steps would then be reviewed.” (Emphasis added -JG.)

Israel’s stooges in Britain’s Labour Party – “There is in fact a very long history of collusion between Zionists and the Labour Party, and one that shames the working-class origins and socialist sentiments of the latter, while making a mockery of the humane pretensions and ‘Jewish democracy’ of the former.”

Israel lobby tries (and fails) to intimidate another UK MP –  “These remarks are a shocking piece of Holocaust denigration. There is simply no comparison between the two situations. It is worrying that so soon after the David Ward affair another MP thinks it is acceptable to play fast and loose with the language of the Holocaust in this context.”

“Outspoken Israel supporter” gets UK minister post –  “As with all Israeli stooges, (Trade and Investment Minister and recently-elevated member of the House of Lords) Livingston is an ardent opponent of the growing movement that campaigns to end the Israeli occupation and change Israel’s criminal and racist policies through economic sanctions.”

Israel lobby boasts of blocking presentation to London’s Hackney Council over Israeli firm’s waste-disposal tender – “On 13 December, Hackney Gazette reported that Labour Party councilor Luke Akehurst had played ‘a fundamental role’ in blocking (local resident Caroline) Day’s speech. Akehurst is the director of We Believe in Israel, a campaign of BICOM, Britain Israel Communications & Research Centre. The center is ‘dedicated to creating a more supportive environment for Israel in Britain’”.