Trayvon Martin: Will all of White America be put on trial?

“If this (the holding of “truth and reconciliation” hearings) should come to pass, we can expect an endless succession of Blacks complaining about past “injustices”, White “liberals” weeping and wailing over “our” guilt, and – finally – massive payoffs to individuals and groups based on the fore-going.”

We will never understand what is happening to race relations in America until we understand the differences in average intelligence between Whites and Blacks, and how it affects relations between us; the ongoing demonstrations and occasional outbreaks of violence by members of the “Black community” against the jury verdict finding George Zimmerman not guilty on all counts,  clearly shows that Blacks and Whites cannot peacefully exist in the same society as equals.

Black people are no more equal to Whites when living in societies developed by White people,  than Whites would be living in societies developed by Blacks.

Our Western legal, political and justice systems, were developed over centuries of trial and error, by White people who were able, through similarity of intelligence and experience, to think and collaborate in terms such as mutual benefit and a “greater good”.

Blacks as a whole are generally unable to grasp, let alone develop, abstract concepts such as those referred to above.  And, making them more easily manipulable in the hands of unscrupulous actors with a political agenda, they have a tendency towards living in the present, with relatively little thought being given to the past, or to the future.

Therefore, I see the underlying problem as being  the significantly lower average intelligence of Blacks as compared to Whites, as convincingly demonstrated by multitudes of intelligence and aptitude tests conducted over a dozen or more decades.

No matter where they are in the world, and no matter whether they are the majority or a minority, Blacks consistently score lower than Whites, even in tests which have been scrupulously worded to avoid even the slightest hint of “cultural” or any other “bias”.

There are notable exceptions among Blacks, of course, and some are highly intelligent, but the inescapable fact is that the great majority of Blacks fall well below the level of intelligence required simply to maintain a modern civilization, let alone create one.

Africans are not known to have used the wheel, and never figured out how to join two pieces of wood together.  They never built houses of more than one storey, and were restricted to using  mud and plants as construction materials.

It is generally considered that an average IQ of 90 is necessary to create any meaningful civilization beyond simple agriculture and animal husbandry, and the average IQ in sub-Saharan Africa is approximately 70, well below the threshold needed to allow for the development of technology and an effective economy.  African-Americans fare better, having a higher average IQ as the result of miscegenation.

White persons with an IQ around 70 or less are considered to be “mentally-challenged” (retarded), and the law protects them against exploitation by others.  But to class substantial  numbers of Blacks as retarded would be “racist”, and so their functional inability is ignored in favour of “political correctness”, affirmative action and enforced equality, as Western civilization  slowly and inevitably sinks down into the mire.

As for the Trayvon Martin case, Blacks in general do not regard “justice” as a matter of due process.  They see Zimmerman’s acquittal as proof-positive of racial injustice, it being more difficult for them to distinguish between what is morally right, (feelings), and what is legally right, (abstract).

The massive riots I thought might potentially occur in my post “George Zimmerman verdict could be the next “9/11“ (July 13th) have not materialized, despite considerable efforts by politicians and the press to encourage them.  My concern now is that President Obama will use Black America’s reaction to the finding of “not guilty” to set up hearings along the lines of South Africa’s “Truth and Reconciliation Commission”, which Wikipedia describes as follows:

“The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was a court-like restorative justice body  assembled in South Africa after the abolition of apartheid.  Witnesses who were identified as victims of gross human rights violations were invited to give statements about their experiences, and some were selected for public hearings. Perpetrators of violence could also give testimony and request amnesty from both civil and criminal prosecution.”

The Commission had three committees, the “Human Rights Violations Committee” (self-explanatory), the “Amnesty Committee” which considered immunity from prosecution for those giving evidence of violations, and thirdly (and to my mind, far more ominously), the “Reparation and Rehabilitation Committee”.

If this should come to pass, (and this would be a logical way to facilitate the demands for unspecified “reparations” which we have been occasionally hearing for some years now), we can expect an endless parade of Blacks complaining about past “injustices”, White “liberals” weeping and wailing over “our” guilt, and – finally – massive payoffs to individuals and groups based on the fore-going.

And we can expect such a show-trial to drag on for months, with the mass media gleefully trumpeting White guilt and advocating even more cash and privileges for the “victims”.

I’m glad I was wrong in my predictions of mass violence, which were perhaps influenced by my shock and horror at seeing the aftermath of the 1967 riots in Detroit a year or so later.  Now, let’s see whether my predictions about a “truth and reconciliation” show trial of White America will come to be.

And in any event, unless decisive action is taken to separate the Black and White races, and to stop importing more of them into our White homelands, the average IQ of our populations and workforces will drop until we inevitably decline into Third-World irrelevance.

The writing is on the wall.  Perhaps a massive “show trial” will be what it takes to wake people up, before it’s too late.

Jeff Goodall.

See Wikipedia’s “Truth and Reconciliation Commission (South Africa)” entry here.

I have been greatly influenced by J. Philippe Rushton’s book “Race, Evolution and Behaviour: A Life History Perspective” see here,  and Richard J. Herrnstein’s book “Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life”, see here. – scroll down to see the book descriptions and reviews.