“Peace Talks” charade buys time to colonize Palestine

“The United Nations charter, to which it is signatory, forbids the acquisition of territory by military conquest. The Geneva Convention of 1949 on the treatment of militarily occupied peoples forbids the transfer of populations from the Occupying Power into the occupied territory… Negotiating with the Israelis over land they are actively stealing is like negotiating with with a glutton over a cake while he is eating it in another room.” – Juan Cole, Middle East scholar.

The above quotes are taken from the article “Critics: Israel’s New Settlement Plans Proves Talks  Charade” published on Monday, August 12, 2013 by Common Dreams, which describes itself as “a non-profit independent newscenter created in 1997 as a new media model.”

The basic thrust of the article is that peace talks are just a sham, providing the illusion of fairness and good intent on the part of Israel, while it illegally builds settlement after settlement on land it is supposedly negotiating to return.

Last month, Israel even had the effrontery to demand the release of Jonathan Pollard as an “incentive” for them to renew the “peace talks” merry-go-round.  Pollard is the Jewish-American intelligence analyst who sold highly sensitive information to Israel, causing so much damage to the U.S. that the full extent of it has never been revealed.

As I said in further comment on that issue, “Israel enjoys overwhelming conventional military superiority in the Middle East, and is the only nuclear-armed state in the region. Tel Aviv holds all the cards, and if Israel truly wanted peace, then peace there would be.

“Instead, what is left of what used to be Palestine is under brutal military occupation, including ethnic cleansing, house demolitions, and collective punishment.

“That is because Israel does not want peace, it wants land. In fact, it is the only country in the world to refuse to define its borders. It cynically dresses up its desire for more land, and for the forced removal of its occupants, as ‘self-defence’, or even ‘justice’, even as its military commits the most grievous crimes against internationally-recognized human rights norms as a matter of policy.”

In May of 2011, Yaakov Amidror, Netanyahu’s top security advisor, was quoted by Haaretz as saying (my emphasis) that “…the State of Israel is determined not to return to 1967 borders… those are borders that place our ability to defend ourselves in question and it would be a mistake to return to them…They are borders that leave too many Israelis outside of Israel’s borders and thus it wouldn’t be right to return to those borders”.

That wraps it up quite neatly, I think.

Jeff Goodall.

See the Common Dreams story here.