Constable Forcillo executed Sammy Yatim

This is a “Rant”.  Bad language alert…

According to Sun News sources, eight of the nine shots fired by Const. Forcillo hit the target. If the missed shot was among the first three fired, that means Yatim was hit twice, went down, and then after a five-second pause got hit with another six shots.

If that’s not an execution, then what the hell is?

I want a full Royal Inquiry into the entire police “culture”, I have no more patience for these cover-up “investigations” and “reviews”.

I have had it with these goddam freaking cops injuring and killing people as they see fit.

“QMI Agency also has learned that Forcillo was eager to get back to work after the Yatim shooting and was surprised when Chief Bill Blair suspended him.”

That is a complete load of crap, nobody is that stupid.

Perhaps this is Toronto Police Association boss Mike McCormack taking advantage of the situation in his own twisted way, as I suspect he did with police widow Christine Russell?

He does so like to be the “gatekeeper” between such people and the press…

Either way, it’s time to clean up the mess and take out the garbage.