Black on White Crime – August 23rd, 2013

Since the Trayvon Martin media rampage, greatly assisted by President Obama’s racially-biased insertions of himself and his position into the matter both before and after the verdict was delivered, more and more cases of random killings of Whites by Blacks seem to be occurring on the streets of America.

Below are three recent examples, followed by two articles querying what responsibility President Obama might have in this unwelcome escalation of what was already a serious problem, one which the mass media does its absolute best to ignore.

Note the excuses found to avoid calling these killings “hate crimes”… -JG.

Memphis Tennessee: White man shot to death by three Blacks while walking to his car

Spokane Washington: 88 year-old Okinawa veteran beaten to death by Black teens

Duncan Oklahoma: Australian shot by two “bored” Black teens and one White accomplice

How responsible is Obama for the Oklahoma killing?

The Christopher Lane killing: Why is Obama not talking?