“Racial profiling” – a simple matter of logic and survival

“There is a folk knowledge culled from 400 years of disproportionate black crime in North America. It can be seen in the statistics, in the anecdotes, in the earliest colonial writings… Though they are widely available on the internet, the U.S. government’s records on Afro criminality are still like a magical taboo, to be danced around but not named.” – M.G. Miles.

The above is taken from M.G. Miles‘ article “Why We Profile” posted on his “Those Who Can See” website earlier this month.  It is a meticulous examination of the much higher incidence of crime committed by Blacks as opposed to Whites, and Miles explores the phenomenon on a world-wide basis.

As the generous number of graphs and charts clearly show, no matter where you go, no matter whether Blacks are a majority or a minority, no matter the racial history of the subject country in terms of slavery and colonialism, Blacks are usually way ahead of the other races when it comes to criminality ranging from petty pilfering to robbery, assault and murder, particularly in terms of violent crime.

Mr. Miles tells us, “…Statistical probability is the wellspring of stereotypes. It is what pushes us to avoid snakes, spiders, and scorpions; it is why Swiss clocks, German cars, and Jewish lawyers are so sought after…”

And that is why White people are generally wary whenever they find themselves in proximity to Blacks.

In my opinion, this is not just a matter of crime, but also a matter of the predatory viciousness which often manifests itself when Blacks rob and assault Whites, indicating a racial hatred that bodes ill for any country that does not take concrete steps to discourage such behaviour.

In Toronto recently, an elderly White woman taking an elevator in downtown Toronto was followed by a Black man who cut off a large part of her nose in what appears to have been a random attack.  Attacks “for Trayvon” are now common in America, and yet newspapers throughout North America rarely identify suspects by race.

I think the newspapers have it backwards; by concealing the disproportionate amount of Black crime in Canada and the States in order to avoid seeming to be “racist”, the media is complicit in enabling anti-White racism by Blacks against their White benefactors and hosts.

In my own neck of the woods, we recently had a case involving a group of Black “teens” wandering the streets at night, robbing pedestrians.  Twenty years ago, there were very few Blacks in Pickering and Oshawa…

Unless we end this immigration madness, and begin to resolutely deport those criminally-minded Blacks already here, we will slowly but surely be dragged down into a cruel and merciless hell-hole from which there will be no escape.

The first thing necessary is for our government to invoke the “notwithstanding clause” in our Constitution so as to counter the Supreme Court’s disastrous “Singh versus Minister of Employment and Immigration” decision of 1985.

Because of that politically-suspect ruling, anyone who physically arrives in Canada has only to say the magic words “I am a refugee” to turn on the welfare tap and get free housing, free medical care, and the legal assistance necessary to thoroughly drag out their torturously slow progression through our appeals process.

In May, 2011 I wrote an article “Notwithstanding clause needed to deter boat people”, link below, which has a number of suggestions regarding the overall problem.

Canada needs to pull out of the United Nations if at all possible, and should certainly sever its obligations under the U.N. refugee convention, which it didn’t sign until 1969 – another gift from Pierre Elliott Trudeau, no doubt.

Other changes will also be necessary, but the sooner these two actions are taken, the sooner we can begin to reverse this dangerous slide into oblivion.

Jeff Goodall.

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See “Singh versus Minister of Employment and Immigration” (Wikipedia) here.