AIPAC lobbyists to mount massive blitz on U.S. politicians

“Pro-Israel groups had largely kept a low profile on Syria… they had generally wanted the debate to focus on U.S. national security rather than how a decision to attack Syria might help Israel, a reflection of their sensitivity to being seen as rooting for the United States to go to war.”

Indeed.  The above quote is taken from the Reuters story “AIPAC to deploy hundreds of lobbyists to push for Syria action” appearing in Haaretz yesterday, link below.

Most politicians, and an overwhelming majority of the American people, do not want to attack Syria or get involved in the Israeli-inspired civil war going on there.  But that matters little to the Israelis, who may well be terrified that their success in getting the U.S. to fight their wars and do their bidding might be coming to an end.

Now AIPAC feels compelled to drop the charade of pushing for the U.S. national interest, and reveal its true colours; a synchronized push by 250 Jewish lobbyists can hardly be anything other than an effort to influence the upcoming vote in favour of Israel’s interests.

As I said in my commentary “Is the world as we know it about to change forever?” posted on August 29th, “In my opinion, when we see such leaders as President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron trying to whip up support for an attack using such unproved assumptions and “probabilities”, and there appears to be no logic or common sense involved, then there is a hidden agenda.”

And the hidden agenda is Israeli, supported by lobby groups such as AIPAC in the United States, and the “Friends of Israel” organizations embedded in Britain’s major political parties.

The latter have already been effectively defeated on this issue, a wonderful development in my opinion, indicating that we may yet succeed in breaking the Israeli stranglehold over our Middle-East policies.  A similar defeat for AIPAC would be even more heartening.

But to my mind, the distinct possibility of such a defeat, or of severe restrictions being placed upon President Obama’s options regarding Syria, puts America at serious risk.  Because in order for public opinion to be changed to support an attack, something drastic will have to occur.

Something so momentous that the public will instantly go from being disillusioned and war-weary, to fighting-mad “let’s go kill the bastards”.  And that could only be a massive terrorist attack, a sickening atrocity tailor-made to suit the purpose.

In other words, a “false-flag attack”.  And if that option is to be implemented by anybody, it will have to be done soon, perhaps three days from now on the 12th anniversary of “9/11“.

I still think that there is a good chance that the world as we know it will indeed change forever.

Jeff Goodall.

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