Australia cracks down: “People smugglers should be afraid”

“Tony Abbott is sworn in as Australia’s 28th prime minister this morning and has pledged to enforce Operation Sovereign Borders to combat people smuggling and the influx of ‘boat people’ arriving on Australia’s shores…  The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has also been changed to Department of Immigration and Border Protection to usher in the new era. Along with this, the Abbott government will stop granting permanent protection visas to undocumented boat arrivals and will reintroduce the processing of temporary protection visas which will deny permanent residency in Australia.”  (Emphasis added -JG.)

In her story “Australia’s new PM orders military response to asylum seeker boats” appearing in Asian Correspondent on Sept. 18th, Rowena Dela Rosa Yoon tells us that asylum seekers trying to enter Australia by boat will be turned away or returned to Indonesia the instant that new Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been sworn in.

Indonesia appears to be Australia’s “Mexico” when it comes to illegals…

It will be interesting to see how this works out.  There are two “projects” involved here – the overall “Operation Sovereign Borders” referred to above, and “Operation Relex II”, which is an Australian Defence Force mission to turn back asylum seekers’ boats “where it is safe to do so”.

I see that stipulation as a weakness; Australia’s safety should come first, not phony humanitarianism.  All the invaders have to do now is start the boat sinking as soon as they spy Australian navy vessels approaching, and they are home free.

There are many other proposals, all of which could be applied to Canada, but our overwhelming problem is the Supreme Court’s “Singh” decision granting full rights and privileges to anyone who actually manages to get their feet onto Canadian soil.

Unless the “Notwithstanding” clause is utilized, we are powerless to defend ourselves.

Still, this is a very heartening development, and should be followed closely.  The officer chosen to be in charge of “Operation Relex II” has an extensive military background, including Special Air Service experience, and has been promoted to Lieutenant-General specifically for this mission.

I wish them all the best in this vital endeavour!

And, any Australian success may provide us with potent ammunition to force Stephen Harper to stop grovelling to the immigrant vote and start putting Canadians first.

Jeff Goodall.

Read “Australia’s new PM orders military response to asylum seeker boats” here.  There is a link to the full text of the Operation Sovereign Borders document (PDF file) in the second paragraph.

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