Fukushima could change the world as we know it?

“The one thing certain about this crisis is that Tepco does not have the scientific, engineering or financial resources to handle it.  Nor does the Japanese government.  The situation demands a coordinated worldwide effort of the best scientists and engineers our species can muster… Steam plumes indicate fission may still be going on somewhere underground. But nobody knows exactly where those cores actually are.”

According to Harvey Wasserman’s article “Humankind’s most dangerous moment: Fukushima fuel pool at Unit 4 – This is an issue of human survival” appearing in Global Research on September 20th, we are within 60 days of possible deadly world-wide contamination.

That, we are told, is when Tepco will attempt to remove spent fuel rods from a pool resting on top of a tilting and unstable building at Fukushima.

And if the rods are exposed to the air?  The consequences are unimaginable.

Wasserman’s article is frightening beyond words, and it contains a plea for people worldwide to act in unison to get Japan to allow the necessary outside assistance, without which disaster is pretty-much guaranteed, as he sees it.

Then again, his article provides a link to a petition authored by an anti-nuclear power group, so I am unsure of his motivations.

But I do think that the Fukushima situation is far more dangerous than we are told.  Let’s wait to see how this goes…

Jeff Goodall.

Read his article here.