ADL labels opponent an “anti-Semite” & “conspiracy theorist”

“The ADL labels me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for documenting the wall-to-wall support of the organized Jewish community for a U.S. military strike on Syria… the organized Jewish community was doing exactly what I said they were doing – lobbying for a military strike in Washington… The Lobby is seething right now – furious not only that missiles haven’t been launched at Syria, but that peace may be breaking out with Iran.” – Dr. Kevin MacDonald.

In his Occidental Observer article posted yesterday, “ADL: Conspiracy Theorists Blame Jews for Events in Syria”, Dr. MacDonald responds to an ADL attack in which he is referred to as an “anti-Semite”, and his meticulous research into Jewish Lobby activities and attitudes is unfairly maligned, as follows:

“The article doesn’t have a link to the offending article by me, which would leave the reader stuck with only a misspelled name and the link to the article about me on the ADL’s website (where they do manage to spell my name right). Indeed, there are no links for any of the articles and videos by the “fringe extremists and anti-Semites” listed in the ADL press release – presumably because the ADL doesn’t want its readers to see what they actually wrote.”

Dr. MacDonald’s September 1st article, the resulting ADL press release, and Dr. MacDonald’s response to the press release, are linked to below.

Reading them in order will provide an excellent insight into the misleading tactics and disregard for the truth utilized by the Lobby in defence of Israel, and in the promotion of Israel’s objectives.

Jeff Goodall.

Read Dr. MacDonald’s article “The Israel Lobby and the Organized Jewish Community Want Regime Change in Syria” here.

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See Dr. MacDonald’s response to the press release here.

You can read the ADL website page on Dr. MacDonald here.