“Tales of New America”

Gunther Roosevelt: Callister Green Publishing

Describing itself as “twenty-three stories set in the future”, this book examines a time several decades in the future when the United States has “fallen apart economically, socially, and racially”.

The book presents us with pretty-much a “fait accompli”.  The New American Republic is already in existence.  It has an efficient military, and a means of holding the Federal government, which still possesses nuclear weapons, at bay.

So, if you are looking for an up-to-date “Turner Diaries”, complete with a heroic struggle from start to finish, you will not find it here.

What you will find is a great deal of dialogue describing what the author feels would be an ideal society, which is one in which the members are Christian, White, and self-sufficient.

One story that impressed me greatly was that in which the issue of female suffrage is addressed; the New American Republic doesn’t allow women to vote, and we are given the reasons why.

I have always regarded women’s political “equality” with men as being unnatural and disturbing.  Pierre Elliot Trudeau did more damage to Canada than I care to think about, and his Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is being used to this very day by “activist” judges as a legal weapon to dismantle our once-vibrant and cohesive society.

And yet, how many times did he  manage to hold onto power through votes from those many, many thousands of women who thought he was “cute”?

Men and women think and react differently because they are designed to perform different functions.  They complement each other very well when working together as they have evolved to do over thousands of years, but to destroy natural social, economic, and employment boundaries in the name of a false “equality” is both foolhardy and dangerous.

“Tales of New America” expresses my instinctive reactions in logical and easily understood terms.

This book is a modest 236 pages, but it covers a lot of ground.  In it you will find a great deal of useful insight into the important social issues of our times, and even if you are not that religious, you will find plenty of useful material to think about.

Jeff Goodall.

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