The “LGBT” assaults on Western Christian Civilization

There has been a seemingly rapid increase in attacks on Western values and traditions involving the “LGBT community”, and also, in efforts to “sexualize” and pervert children using our schools and educational systems.

Hand-in-glove with this, intentionally or otherwise, we see more and more efforts by schools and governments to intrude into parental rights, together with increasing efforts to marginalize marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

So, I think it best to create a new sub-group of my “Deconstruction of Western Civilization” category, to record these particular aspects of the escalating attacks upon us and our values and traditions.

There are twelve items below, some of which have already appeared under other categories.  In future, all entries will be “original”.

Jeff Goodall.

U.S: Pro-homosexual indoctrination of armed forces (2010 item) – and – U.S: More men in the military were sexually assaulted than women in 2012 (2013 item)

U.K: “Gay best friend” doll creates PR disaster for Tesco

California: Transgender teen crowned “homecoming queen”

Canada: Teachers’ union wants to trash Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

U.S: “Parental Rights Amendment” transfers parental authority to government

Canada: Controversial speaker Dr. James Kincaid not wanted

U.S: “Non-sexualized” Boy Scouts “alternative” launched

Canada: Was senior educator/bureaucrat charged with child pornography involved in Ontario’s sex-ed policies?

U.S: Pro-homosexual media gives dishonest coverage

General: The “deconstruction” of marriage

U.S: “Bisexual Visibility Day” celebrated at White House

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