Muslims and the West – Oct. 15th, 2013

I am changing the “Muslims in the West” category to “Muslims and the West” in order to be able to include Western reactions to Muslim demands for Sharia law and other accommodations.  Marine Le Pen’s National Front and its current success in France is an excellent example.

I also want to include historical items recording Muslim attacks on the West over the last thirteen hundred-plus years, which so very few Westerners seem to be aware of.  These include the Battle of Tours in October of 732, in which “Charles the Hammer” of France stopped the Muslim invaders in their tracks as they tried to take France after their successful  conquest of Spain.

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And, the discovery of America was made by Christopher Columbus at least partly as a result of the need to find alternative trade routes to the Orient following the Muslim seizure of Constantinople in 1453.

More recently, Ottoman armies advanced into Europe and tried to take Vienna in 1529 and again in 1683.

These are little-known facts, rarely taught in the schools, and deserve to be brought forward.

Jeff Goodall.

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